Do you need a MAM?

Your business may be toying with the idea of investing in a Media Asset Management system to fully utilise your media files to boost your marketing efforts or even turn your online videos into cold, hard cash. Whether you need a MAM or not will require a thorough evaluation of your specific business and its requirements. To help you on your way, we’ve compiled a quick yes/no questionnaire to give you an idea of whether your business needs a MAM system: 1. Do you use an unstructured folder system and inconsistent file names? 2. Do you find yourself wasting time locating media assets? 3. Is it easier to recreate your work from scratch rather than find old files? 4. Have you purchased assets only to find your company already has them? 5. Do you need to secure your media assets so specific users and user groups can access them? 6. Do you struggle to find the final version of a file as it is unclear where the latest version is saved? 7. Are you performing repetitive tasks with your media files such as renaming, resizing and ingesting files? 8. Do users find it difficult to find and edit assets within your current system? 9. Do you struggle to integrate your existing system with third party systems? 10. If you need to share assets with colleagues, is it a multistage process that takes too much time and effort? 11. Do a range of users need access to your media assets, including those working remotely or 3rd parties? 12. Does your online presence, such as a company website, suffer from inconsistent branding? 13. Do you need to protect your assets with watermarks using an automated process? 14. Do you need your media to be available across multiple platforms? 15. Do you struggle to access your assets outside of the normal working week? 16. Do you have a scalable strategy in place to meet the future needs of your asset management system? [raw][/raw]

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So does your business need a MAM system? Tally up your ‘yes’ responses to the questions and find out what it means below: 0-4 Possibly. Your business has an existing process that is probably taking the strain of managing your media assets. You may need to re-examine this system as some problems have already been identified that could be negatively impacting your business. A MAM system could optimise your asset system and also future-proof against potential problems as your assets grow. 5-9 Yes. A MAM system will allow your company to organise and archive digital content to improve efficiency and productivity. It will also provide your organisation with a method to easily find, edit and share assets for collaborative work. 10+ Definitely. A MAM is a must for your business. Your company will see dramatic efficiency gains, time savings, and streamlined workflows once it implements a MAM system, as well as the benefits of all the additional features a MAM offers including 24/7 access, consistent branding and third party integration.

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Now that you have a clearer understanding of your media asset management needs, the next step is finding a MAM provider that meets those needs. Our Imagen MAM system can help your business - contact one of the team today to find out more.

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