Don’t risk your CEO’s credibility with poor video technology

The lighting is set. The CEO is prepped. An audience of thousands of global employees is waiting with the promise of big news.. All of them called to your Town Hall meeting, to either watch in person or remotely as it’s live-streamed.  All of your planning and preparation has led up to this moment.

Then the meeting starts. The video stalls. It stutters. And you, not to mention your CEO, are left seriously embarrassed.

Why choosing the right platform is critical for your Town Hall

Live-streamed Town Hall meetings are growing in popularity for many organisations to promote transparency and engage employees. Unfortunately, however, many HR and communications departments are still wary of using them by the horror stories that spread through the grapevine. They’re worried that the technology is going to let them down.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way, because it is perfectly possible to transmit live-stream broadcasts to PCs and other devices around the world with complete confidence. It’s simply a case of knowing what you are looking for and investing in a media management system that has all the right attributes to ensure high levels of reliability and quality.

Three things to have for a seamless live-streamed Town Hall

Firstly, you need to check your live-stream service provider can instantly process your raw live feed ready for distribution to your audience. This will enable you to create a lower-bandwidth version for easy distribution to any web browser, desktop, mobile or tablet.

Secondly, if you are planning on delivering the live feed to colleagues based in remote offices around the world, the support of a CDN (content delivery network) will give you reach, scalability and peace of mind. The CDN will optimise network delivery and maintain a high quality live stream across multiple locations.

Thirdly, be mindful that not everyone can attend live Town Halls. Many employees are going to need to watch them post-event on-demand. For this reason, there is great benefit in choosing a service that can store large volumes of video in their original high-definition form for post-meeting distribution and editing. That way, you never compromise on quality whenever your audience is watching.

There are many other things you could add to the list, but as starting point these are the top three things you need to deliver an engaging, high-quality and reliable live-streamed meeting experience every time.

Wider benefits to look out for

At Imagen, we are well aware of these requirements and are used to tailoring our media asset management platform to suit the need of HR departments, Comms teams, IT and anyone else involved in the production of Town Halls. Typically, we also find that these stakeholders benefit from a range of other features that help them to manage their effectively and efficiently.

These include:

  • Easy management of who accesses video files with user permissions and access controls
  • Ability to add meta tags to files for quick search and easy retrieval
  • Secure storage that protects sensitive information
  • Measurement tools that allow you to analyse the value of videos and make improvements where needed.

Are you planning to live-stream a Town Hall meeting? Or maybe you are just starting to research the technology that will help get this off the ground so you can engage your employees more easily.

Whatever your situation, we’ve put together a quick eBook that will help you to understand the technical requirements and will give you a really good handle on the best practice you should be aiming for. You can download our eBook below to find out more.

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