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Back in October 2015 the DPP held one of its exclusive DPP AT HOME events on the subject of trust. File based working had brought with it great anxiety around the move to connected and cloud based services. The event asked: just how anxious are we; how anxious should we be; and what would it take to make us more trusting?

The conclusions from that DPP AT HOME were summarised in a Home Truths report, that observed:

“There are numerous policies and standards around trust and security. Is it possible to bundle them into an essential set, designed for easy understanding and use?"

This observation led directly to the creation by the DPP and its Members, including Imagen, of the DPP Supplier Security Checklist that was launched on the eve of IBC 2016.

So, while the DPP is taking practical steps to build trust in new tools and services, what else will it take to make the media and entertainment industry feel more comfortable with connected and cloud based working?

At IBC 2016, in a special opinion former event supported by Imagen, the DPP brought together a group of senior industry executives to address this important question.

These executives are some of the most influential decision makers who are working on a daily basis to rewire the media industry for the digital age. So what do they think it would take for us to be able to trust the connected services that – through the very process of connection – also expose our businesses to cyber crime?

Download the full report to continue reading.

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