Entering the world of video production

Making your first video can be pretty nerve-racking. What should it be about? Where should I film it? Lucky for us there’s loads of advice out there on the internet around video production. To save you the time and trouble of trawling around to find it (as well as any chewed fingernails), we’ve put together a mini-guide to your first time.

A is for Answers

Maybe the most difficult thing to decide is exactly what you want to make a video about. Don’t be too ambitious – start by choosing a single topic. And be specific. Think about questions you get asked by customers, or things staff often get confused or annoyed about. Maybe there’s an internal process you’re always being asked to explain.

B is for Brand

We all know how important branding is. Chances are somebody spent a long time carefully choosing the logo and colours you use. So don’t forget them when you’re thinking about staging your video. It might be something as small as just including your logo in one corner, or as big as co-ordinating your whole outfit with your website.

C is for Crafting

Eventually you’ll need a script. You’ll probably want to keep it to under a page – you don’t want your first video to be so long that people switch off (literally or figuratively). Before you get to that stage, have a brain dump – chuck all your thoughts down on paper, screen or flipchart then gradually organise it into a logical order. Cut out anything that isn’t vital. Finally, read it out loud to make sure it sounds like a normal human being has written it (rather than a robot or committee).

D is for Directing

If you haven’t got the budget for swanky equipment, don’t panic. You can do just as well with the camera on your laptop (and it’s really easy to view and import your footage). Make sure you get the lighting right as well – good lighting can make or break a video. Find a window and make sure your star is facing it (if you’re working in a windowless office, a desk lamp should do the trick – just make sure the light’s in front of the person you’re filming).

E is for Editing

Don’t be scared to do loads of takes – even if you think you’ve got it right the first time. It’s much better to have lots to choose from than not enough. Think about extra footage – for example, if you’re making a film about your latest product, take some short videos of it in action. Or you might want to include some stills. It’ll help keep things interesting. And that’s it – you’re done. High fives all round. Next step is getting it out there. How about using the Imagen video hosting platform to build a branded website to display it? Sound good? Get in touch for a free trial.  

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