The essential tech considerations for live-streamed Town Halls

To deliver seamless live-streamed Town Hall meetings, you need to choose a reliable service provider.

When planning to live-stream your organisation’s Town Hall meeting, it’s tempting to try and use an existing system within your business to record and broadcast the video. Your company may use communication tools like Skype or GoTo Meeting, and out of convenience you’ve decided to use these for live-streaming.

The problem here is that these systems are not designed for live-streaming to a wider audience, and in the end, you are left with a low-quality video, that may or may not have been recorded, and no means of distributing the video for remote employees to watch later. In short, the results are a disaster.

Thankfully, with a little inside knowledge of what to look for in a live-stream service provider, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Taking a look under the bonnet

The reason businesses opt for incumbent, or convenient quick-fix options is they don’t fully understand why a premium live-streaming service processes video in the way it does.

When reviewing your options, there are four processes that you’ll want your solution to be capable of.

Firstly, you need to reach your employees through their web browsers – and send them the highest quality video possible. At Imagen we send videos at full HD using an  extended version of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). This means that most browser players are able to receive and understand the video format. If you don’t have this capability, it’s likely your employees will complain about  the video quality and fail to engage with the message from your CEO.

Secondly, to deliver your Town Hall video to offices in every corner of the world, you may need to extend your reach through the addition of a Content Distribution Network (CDN). A CDN is a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content, including video. It’s no coincidence that Amazon, Facebook and Netflix all use CDNs too to give them a global reach. Imagen makes it easy to connect to your choice of CDN so you can be sure your employees receive a high-quality, stable live stream wherever they are.

Thirdly, not all of your employees will be able to tune in for the live-stream, but it’s important they get up to speed on the latest company message as quickly as possible. You need a system that not only delivers a great live-feed, but also captures the Town Hall as a broadcast and makes it available for catch-up on-demand just seconds after transmission.
To achieve this, you’ll need plenty of video transcoding power to convert that raw live video into one that can be watched on demand – on PCs, laptops and mobile devices.  At Imagen we have a scalable video processing architecture designed to cope with peaks in demand and process any kind of video at high speed, ready for immediate access across your organisation.

Finally, while there’s huge value in viewing a Town Hall live, there’s also huge opportunities in engaging and inspiring your employees by repurposing your company’s message after the broadcast. To get maximum value from your Town Hall videos it’s vital that they are indexed and described with metadata so you, or an employee, can find them – or specific moments in your video – quickly and easily. Imagen gives you powerful tools to meta tag all your video content down to the second. With AI features such as speech-to-text translation, your CEOs key note speech can be converted automatically, enabling you to find key moments for clipping and sharing with employees.

Making the decision that’s right for your business

If you don’t take the above processes into account, then the various technical risks associated with live-streaming your Town Halls increases. These risks can be damaging to brand reputation and senior management credibility, not to mention your own for choosing a poor service provider.

By taking the time to consider these technical requirements, and selecting the best live-stream service provider, you will never need to consider these issues again. The system will just work as you want it to.

To help you to understand the key technical features of a premium live-stream service provider, and how to choose the right one, download our new eBook.

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