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Imagen version 6 is the most complete media portal available today

Imagen has always been great at protecting your media, making it easy to manage large scale video libraries and distribute content to your customers in style.

Imagen v5 provided innovative new tools designed to bring content to your audiences quicker – batch uploads and media logging tools helped on-board and catalogue content in the shortest time possible – bringing new media to market faster than ever.

Despite these new tools, there is usually a delay between content being created and content being ingested – sometimes minutes, sometimes weeks. In some cases those delays can lead to missed revenue opportunities when time critical content has not been brought to market quickly enough – leaving pirates or a competitor to fill the gap.

For content owners dealing with time sensitive media, Imagen v6 is the groundbreaking solution that now delivers full live-to-archive media management, distribution and publishing capabilities.

Imagen v6 accelerates the convergence of live and archive workflows, to deliver more efficient and economically scalable cloud based media management and distribution.

NEW! LIVE CAPTURE - Manage & Publish your Media in Real Time

In Imagen v6 it’s easy to set up live streams which can be previewed, captured and ingested directly into your Imagen platform. That means real time access to feeds from sports tournaments, TV station broadcasts, conferences, keynote speeches and more. Once the live stream has ended, the finished file is added to your Imagen archive to be accessed and repurposed anytime in the future.

Time based metadata can also be applied to your video in real time using Imagen Media Logger for instant indexing of long form video content. Simply click/touch a matrix of predefined keywords and names to describe events in the live stream.

As live feeds play out across your Imagen platform, users can navigate the live stream using timeshift controls. This enables them to clip sections out and publish to a range of social media platforms with a single click. This means rights holders can now keep sports fans up to date with clips from the latest tournament. Media companies can publish clips from a live red carpet film premiere - or businesses can publish up to the minute clips from conferences or key note speeches.

Take your content to a new audience

It’s not just live feeds that can be clipped and published.

Imagen v6 now lets you syndicate any of the content in your Imagen platform to social media using simple browser based editing tools. Imagen v6 has been specially designed to give you some major publishing firepower to ensure that you meet your audiences where they are, on their terms.

New one click publishing tools helps content owners to market their content more effectively and reach new audiences across social media.

With a onetime configuration of your social media workflows (which can include various bitrates and sizes for each platform), you can set and forget and then concentrate on the great content you’re going to publish. You can even burn in watermarks (logos), or metadata and you can even set default text or add at run time.

Across social media, demand for video is huge – so how can you meet that demand in terms of volume and how will you do that efficiently? If you’re an Imagen owner, accessing large volumes of video won’t be too much of a problem. All your organisation’s video is stored in one central location and powerful search tools make locating videos – and the perfect moments in long form video incredibly easy.

This gives you the opportunity to more successfully engage with your audience, build brand and drive even more traffic to your Imagen platform – for increased consumption of media – to reinforce brand, monetise content and serve your audience more efficiently.

  • For Sports organisations it means you can proactively market your sports content to customers such as broadcasters or production companies, or delight fans with classic clips from your archive or the latest action fresh from a tournament
  • For media and entertainment companies it’s a great way to showcase your programme library – offering best of clips of content available on your Imagen SVOD platform or available to license.
  • For Enterprise it means that you can post product demos, latest briefings, press conferences, as well as exploit the value of legacy video content. Video offers the opportunity to connect your brand with customers, press and partners in powerful, new ways. Imagen gives you the power to reach out to new audiences while ensuring your corporate video content is professionally managed for the long term and available to a wide range of users.

Automated updates

Once you’ve won over a new audience with Imagen v6 you can captivate new and existing clients with automated notification tools. With hours of new video coming in daily, it’s often a chore for new users to keep returning to media libraries looking for specific content. That’s why Imagen v6 provides a range of options to keep clients updated automatically.

Users can save the search criteria for the content they need and Imagen will send emails when relevant media is uploaded to the library – along with direct links to the new videos. Users can set frequency for emails – receive daily, or as the new content arrives. All the email notifications can be fully themed to adhere to your company branding.

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive updates based on saved search criteria. Administrators can also send notifications to all users or a group at any time – to tell them about new features or curated content sets.  They can also auto send new users a welcome email at the point of registration.

Also in Imagen v6

Major updates from Imagen are always choc-full of improvements and new features. Imagen v6 includes exciting new enhancements designed to make enterprise scale video management easier for professionals and more rewarding for your audience. For a more comprehensive look at the latest Imagen specification, download our latest technical specification catalogue.

Imagen v6 is ready to help you reach new audiences and keep your current users coming back for more

The world of media asset management is full of well-meaning but uninspiring solutions which may keep your content safe and secure – but often at the cost of hiding it away – unloved, under-utilised and failing to exploit its value.

Imagen is already remarkable in that it stores and catalogues large volumes of video and provides a great user experience through any connected device. Our latest release just set the bar even higher – now you don’t have to wait for your audience to find you – you can go out and meet them on their terms, so you can serve them better; inform, entertain, engage and ultimately extract more value from your video.


Take a deep dive into Imagen's award winning video management platform - plus find out how customers Premiere League, IMG Media, Endemol Shine, BP and Cimpress are using Imagen to manage, distribute and publish their content more efficiently.

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From live to archive, Imagen is the premium solution for managing and distributing your content, providing a superior experience for your audience and rapid access to high resolution video

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