Future-proof your digital asset management (DAM)

Successful marketing teams rely on tools that facilitate streamlined marketing processes. Unfortunately, older more general Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions are ill-equipped to deal with the growth of video assets, resulting in significant operational challenges. That is why it may be time to future-proof your digital asset manager.

Failing to manage your video content effectively can expose your business to any number of risks – security issues, unbranded touchpoints, unprofessional file delivery, lost assets, wasted resources and duplication of effort …the list is endless. And potentially damaging.


If your team works with video for short-form content, then you’ve probably experienced this. Your teams' ability to quickly access, edit, clip and repurpose existing marketing assets is directly impacted by your content management tool. When stored ineffectively, teams often sacrifice achieving a fully branded customer touchpoint for ease and speed.

DAMS built to handle video files allow users to preview video files, use time-based metadata to quickly search long-form content for relevant moments, easily make clips and automatically add branded elements like logos or pre-roll - saving time without sacrificing brand.


Corporate information such as annual reports, internal discussions and product development is recorded and is increasingly delivered through video, putting your sensitive content at risk from unsecured storage and sharing methods. Remember the Google leak.

A good DAM will enable you to protect your content and prevent unwanted access with secure streaming technology, watermarking, geo-blocking, expiring media links and defined access periods.


Costs are falling but it is still relatively expensive to produce video – not knowing which videos are proving most effective or which video files are available to be repurposed can seriously impact efficiency. Newer specialist DAMs have easy-to-use dashboards so you can track which files and clips are being viewed, by whom, when and for what purpose, giving you insight into your media investments.


Lost or incompatible files can be frustrating and lead to wasted time, resources and productivity. Make your video searchable with the ability to import and upload detailed metadata; enable the storage and playback of a range of formats; save time with automated transcoding to your most used formats upon ingest. Most importantly, protect your original master files and automatically create high-quality copies that can be worked on, only with a specialist DAM solution.

Take the next step

In order to manage video across your team, it’s vital to implement a structured approach, one that shapes accessibility, usability and workflow, as well as offering scalability, security and compliance.

If you’re experiencing challenges managing your growing video content, or just want to future-proof your DAM discover what the Imagen platform can offer your business.

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