Accelerate Business Globally Using Video

Employees are a company’s most vital asset, but unless they are well trained, informed and engaged, a company will not perform at its best. The role of the internal communicators is to help meet business goals by giving employees the information they need to further the mission of the company.

Global Communication

Video can be an important and effective component in a company’s employee communication mix. But, video has to be delivered without putting strain on the corporate network, and has to be delivered to global employees seamlessly and without delays that make it difficult to benefit from the information being conveyed. Video needs to be delivered from a service within close proximity to the user, thereby accelerating file transfers. Whether you are an experienced video veteran or new to the video world, there are several benefits video can offer when you need to reach your global employees.

  1. Consistent messaging. With video, you ensure that all employees see exactly the same message. By having a single video, you remove inconsistencies that may occur when the message is delivered by an executive to several audiences at different times.
  2. Effectively convey tone. Written communications can’t capture subtleties as well as video. Body language, voice inflection and more can affect how an audience interprets a message. This can be especially important when motivating employees.
  3. Effective global reach. Video allows companies that operate in many countries to easily reach a global audience. Once it is edited and posted online, a pre-recorded video can be viewed by employees immediately from anywhere around the world. For companies whose employees speak various languages, a single video can be delivered with translated subtitles or with voiceovers recorded in multiple languages.
  4. Multi-Platform delivery. Many companies have an increasingly mobile workforce. Video can be formatted for delivery to many devices - traditional desktop or laptop computers or mobile devices. It’s fun to view a corporate video on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. This type of delivery increases the chances that an employee will want to watch your video, getting your message through more effectively.
  5. Ideal format for training. Tutorial videos can be a great way to train employees. Maybe you need to demonstrate how to properly assemble a new piece of equipment. Show employees how it’s done in a video or video series. Video can also demonstrate how things shouldn’t be done!
  6. Secure delivery. Many internal communication videos contain sensitive information that should not be shared with non-employees. Imagen provides secured video hosting, which can restrict access to internal-only videos.

In summary, using video in your communication mix will enhance the performance of your global workforce. Engaged employees are 22% more productive, 37% less likely to miss work, and 81% more likely to stay.

But, the video management solution your company chooses has to assist with the deployment of high-resolution enterprise video by removing the restraint of bandwidth limitation and the fear of network weaknesses. High-resolution video has to be delivered across the globe seamlessly. At Imagen, we have developed the Global Distribution Network (GDN) feature to complement our award-winning enterprise video management platform, which ensures that high-resolution video is served from a service closest to your employees. Accelerating information served to your global employees and customers.

Imagen provides a superior content management and distribution platform for businesses. If you would like more information on how we can help your company manage and distribute video to improve productivity and ensure a more engaged global workforce, please get in touch and we can schedule a discussion.

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