Global office: Content when and where you want it

In an increasingly connected world, many businesses and organisations need to operate right across the planet. But whether you’re a corporate giant or challenger SME, digital media firm or financial services consultancy, there are several key challenges in managing digital content, particularly when it comes to video.

Ask yourself these questions: Are your video files (old and new) accessible to everyone who needs them? Are they easy to find? Can they be speedily and securely shared between global teams? Following an unstructured approach to video storage can rapidly become impractical for a distributed workforce, while choosing the wrong type of video library can negatively impact collaboration, communication and access to key resources.

It’s here that the concept of ‘self-service’ media offers a robust, cost effective and scalable solution. Using a cloud-based, self-service media management platform gives employees, contractors, clients and/or customers access to data without having to request it from a gatekeeper. Crucially, this access can be whenever and wherever they want it.

It’s a powerful tool, one that breaks down localised silos of content, centralises it and ensures visibility of that content across a worldwide business. While larger companies might have digital solutions in place, such as intranet storage or dedicated FTP and internal software packages, some still use a variety of removable storage devices (including hard disks and optical media), which can result in delays and difficulties finding, let alone accessing, video content.

The problem with discovery

This discovery aspect is arguably one of the biggest challenges facing any business that generates megabytes (or gigabytes) of new media data every day. In short: collating and centralising content is a worthless process if that content is not correctly tagged and classified at the point of ingestion.

This might sound like a mammoth task. But by using a range of technologies — including facial recognition, metadata analysis and dynamic metadata creation (based on templates during batch uploads) — the process can be streamlined and automated. The result is a much higher quality content pool, one that can be easily and quickly searched by anyone with the necessary permissions.

Permission-based open access

Such ease of search can be a key business benefit. Rather than operating with a gatekeeper-style environment (where one or two individuals have media access), an open search allows distributed users to access and view the same content concurrently, enabling rapid project collaboration. Tools baked into our Imagen software, such as automated thumbnail creation (for rapid visual search), powerful semantic search and time-based metadata search, improve the process, giving teams several ways to locate the video files they need.

Of course, self-service media cannot always be entirely open access. What if some of that content needs to be confidential? Or accessible to employees but not contractors? The best media management platforms make it simple to manage access, set up team-specific filters (or content sets at group or individual level) and manage roles and responsibilities with granular permission sets.

Extended business features

At Imagen, we also add to these core features with support for Single Sign-on and LDAP/IDP authentication, so larger enterprises with Single Sign-on deployments can roll through their existing risk profile without undertaking any additional work.

This granular control also ensures that the benefits of open access to self-service media do not turn into negatives when content classification is impacted by accidental errors. In this respect, admin roles with the ability to delete tags or modify content settings can be enforced easily and transparently. This enhances internal content security, but without preventing everyday use of the system for creative and production purposes. A win-win.

Ultimately, in today’s connected and globalised economy, the value of secure and scalable video libraries hosted in the cloud is enormous. These media asset management platforms are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for successful businesses of all sizes. In the final analysis, can your business afford to ignore the self-service media movement?

Maximise the reach of your media assets by providing an easy to use, accessible anywhere portal enabling immediate access and download of your video content.

With a premium experience for your audience, elegant communications and access to high resolution video, your business can extract the greatest value from your media assets and increase the coverage of your brand and your stakeholder engagement.

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