Has cloud storage become another commodity?

At NAB 2016, our CEO Tom Blake claimed that he couldn't recollect a technology that has so quickly transformed from innovation into commodity quite like the cloud. So much of the success of cloud computing has to be credited to the work of the major players in the market, Microsoft and Amazon, who have not only battled through technical barriers, but have also had to make assurances to businesses and the general public that they can be relied upon to protect their data and their reputations.

Security issues put aside now? Certainly reduced.

As ‘the cloud’ has grown up in the public eye, it has faced scepticism; the risks involved in transferring your precious data/media files into a virtual library could be too high despite the cost saving it represents. Press stories of hacks and leaks haven’t helped, but it appears that businesses and the general public have generally accepted this revolutionary approach to storage and distribution.

The major players have seen widespread acceptance and organisations are now ready to outsource their operations to the cloud. With huge resource and a global infrastructure behind them, the big cloud providers are ready to service this demand. With an eye on market share, the main focus now is differentiation and how they can each bring value to their customers.

Differentiation through augmented services.

Tom Blake went further at NAB, stating that cloud infrastructure has not only become more of a commodity, given the mass adoption and homogenisation of services available, it’s actually taken the same role as an everyday utility such as water and electricity.

To improve their proposition, these cloud providers are augmenting their ‘product’ offering with apps and bolt-on services that add value beyond basic storage, bandwidth and compute resources. Some of this they have proven to be able to offer themselves, with Microsoft and Amazon hosting a range of services from business software tools, on demand services, online marketplaces etc.

Acquire, develop, or collaborate?

Cloud growth is no secret – online services and software solutions that utilise cloud storage are popping up at a rate of knots. We’ve already seen a number of acquisitions taking place in the market, and we won’t be surprised to see more in the coming years. But, more commonly we’re seeing these cloud giants partnering with technologies that can help them to provide the best end-to-end solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

Whilst the industry continues to grow and develop, Imagen EVP will continue to take advantage of the proliferation of cloud to increase choice, expedite delivery and generally make incredible things happen that couldn’t happen before.

To hear more about what Imagen CEO Tom Blake had to say at NAB, head to Frost & Sullivan's YouTube channel.

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