How Agencies Can Meet The Rising Demand For Video

Digital media and marketing agencies are increasingly delivering more video content than ever before. There’s a noticeably greater demand for it from clients that are looking to embed high-quality assets into their brand communications, marketing campaigns, social media outreach and online advertising efforts.

It’s hardly surprising. The importance of video is neatly highlighted by some key stats compiled by video creation site Rawshorts – 82% of internet traffic will come from video by 2020, video marketing in email boosts CTR by 63%, videos are shared on social media 1200% more than images and text combined.

But for any agency, managing the delivery of video to clients can pose certain technological challenges. After all, the solutions that typically work for supplying Word documents, PDFs, images and other creative work (e.g. email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.), aren’t ideal for sending out high-quality video files. Agencies need to think bigger.

Building a better media library

When working with multiple clients, on multiple projects, often with different creative teams, there’s always a danger that content doesn’t get filed away effectively. Instead, the final version of a client video might sit in a folder on someone’s hard drive, where only they can access it. Or maybe it is archived onto a DVD or shunted onto a portable hard disk and stuffed in a drawer. If somebody asks for the video again, it’s not always easy to find.

To be fair, most digital agencies already have their own connected media libraries. This might be a dedicated media server, a NAS device or some rudimentary cloud storage like Google Drive. But these solutions all have their limitations when it comes to video. Chief amongst these is the huge size of video files themselves, which can swallow up 150-450MB of space (per minute of HD video). But there’s also speed, discoverability and security to consider.

The flexibility to work smarter

Media Asset Management systems (MAM) like Imagen can be an answer to these problems. By having a centralised, cloud-based platform to host video, assets can be quickly and easily uploaded from creators and contractors; tagged and catalogued (for speedy discovery and retrieval); then shared to the people that need access to them. Files can be available in different file formats, or clipped and repackaged for use in different media channels.

When it comes to supplying assets to a client, a MAM beats all other methods of file sharing convincingly. With built-in themes, Imagen can be customised to reflect an agency brand, presenting a more professional, user-friendly portal for asset delivery. And thanks to built-in security features (such as watermarking, geo-IP blocking and time-limited download links) plus Imagen’s Accelerated File Delivery, video can be securely and speedily shared.

Using one platform for video storage, management and distribution enables an agency to be more efficient and responsive, which becomes particularly useful when juggling multiple clients and multiple deliverables.

Addressing the scalability problem

Then there’s scalability to consider. HD video files are already sizeable. A typical one-minute video shot at 1080p/30fps can require up to 300MB of space, while a typical video project with its raw files, backups and edits can run to several times that. Of course, this project size depends on the length of the raw material, the number of cameras used, the types of finished assets required and the resolution. Filming in 4K and HDR, and eventually in 8K, will catapult video file sizes beyond megabytes and gigabytes to demand terabytes of space.

Looking to the cloud can certainly solve the scalability problem for digital agencies working with video. But adding more storage is only part of the solution. The other part is a MAM/video management system that sits on top of that storage, giving you the processing power and capacity to build, maintain and scale a video library that is accessible, searchable and protected by advanced security features like watermarking and secure downloads.

And that’s where Imagen starts to shine.

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