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Imagen 3.6 is here...

The last installment of Imagen, brought you a completely new way of building and designing your perfect online video archive; a new WYSIWYG editor, more powerful workflows, and much more. Imagen 3.6 takes this one step further – extending Imagen’s potential for user engagement through third party apps via the new API module. Other new features include our great new segmentation tool which enables users to edit long form content in the web browser. For media managers, 3.6 delivers even greater security, and improved streaming from cloud storage services.


Imagen’s new enhanced API provides managed access to Imagen’s backend – enabling third party developers full access to media, records and services. This means Imagen system owners can now extend the functionality of their media archive by integrating with third party services and even develop their own apps for mobiles and tablets. Security is one of the touchstones within Imagen and we have incorporated OAuth as the means of authenticating all communication. OAuth is a secure protocol used to identify both users and external applications, thereby keeping users’ details and media distribution secure. The API is also fully documented – so absolutely anyone can start to create fabulous apps for Imagen.


Segmentation is a brilliant new feature which gives administrators, or users with sufficient access, the ability to edit long form content – a process which generates new child records from the parent – each with their own editable metadata record and access controls. This is a powerful tool that gives curators granular control over the way long form content can be broken down, managed and accessed as a new set of media files – without any need to edit the file before ingest. Segmentation requires no technical expertise – simple controls in the ImagenWeb interface allow you to set in-and-out-points on the time line – each EDL (edit decision list) then automatically generates a series of new video records. Segmentation in action Let’s say you have a football match. Sometimes it’s great to watch the whole game – but what if your users just want to see the highlights – or just the goals? Imagen’s new segmentation functionality let’s you clip out and add metadata to the best bits, so your users can instantly discover and playback your most valuable or interesting content. Similarly, a long form news programme consisting of multiple different stories can easily be broken down and described as a separate set of stories. Using the segment option, administrators or power users can create a unique record for each separate news story, enabling viewers to easily locate each one through the web search. Imagen’s flexible and granular access controls then let you control access any way you like – for example, you can set permissions so that power users can see the original record, but general users can only see the new, segmented records.

Sunrise and Sunset dates

Sunrise and sunset dates enable Imagen users to share media with other users for a specific length of time. The shared URL becomes active and expires on a specific date. The feature can be configured so that guests (non-registered users) can also view records via a URL, so it’s a way of exposing content to unregistered users for a temporary period of time. A perfect way to share time sensitive information – such as releasing trailers for upcoming feature films to the press – for viewing between a finite period of time.

3.6 Enhanced Security

As security breaches, and data leaks continue to dominate the headlines, Imagen version 3.6 delivers even greater protection for your sensitive or valuable assets. Imagen was originally developed for the MOD over 15 years ago and we consider security for your assets our number one priority - Imagen is the Fort Knox of video management.


Imagen 3.6 has further improved integration with BlackPearl, delivering a faster and more reliable service. We’re making a big noise in the industry with our BlackPearl integration – we’re the first to fully integrate with BlackPearl. The Imagen/BlackPearl integrated solution represents best in class media management and preservation with lowest storage cost, high resilience and reliability. The BFI have selected the combined solution to manage the UK's national film library – find out more here.

Improved speed from Azure Blob storage

Finally, it all comes down to the end-user in the end, we’re all about helping your customers enjoy a great experience while lowering costs for the system owners. Imagen 3.6 enhanced integration with Azure’s cloud based ‘Blob Storage’ facilities gives you the cost savings from using cloud based storage without compromising on delivery. Put simply, 3.6 gives you improved delivery speeds times when streaming from Azure’s cloud storage. Why not try Imagen for yourself? Or sign up to our weekly webinar for a run-through.  

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