Imagen 5 breaks the video barrier

Imagen version 5 helps busy media managers bring their content to market quicker - and deliver the best user experience for a global audience

For media managers, keeping on top of an existing collection and dealing with incoming content on a daily basis is a constant challenge. Content owners want the best for their video – to preserve it for the long-term, maximize revenues through licensing or to provide a premium experience for their audience. It takes a unique range of skills and technical expertise to ensure any collection of video is properly stored, encoded, catalogued and made ready for discovery, monetization and distribution.

With media managers under pressure to do more in less time it’s clear there’s a need for speed and Imagen v5 has been developed to break the video barrier - delivering an optimized experience for content owners who need to professionally manage their media and adapt to the demands of the market place more quickly.

Imagen 5 streamlines the ingest process and rapidly prepares large volumes of video for access online through a branded, feature rich website. It’s not just about helping out the content owner. Imagen 5 also helps connect customers with the content they need in half the time - new search and discovery features aid navigation, new payment models promote consumption and self-serve orders for broadcast quality content are processed and delivered faster than ever before.

Bring your content to market quicker

Imagen 5s Batch Upload feature optimizes content onboarding and delivers new content to your audience faster than ever before. Media Managers will love Batch Metadata Edits – allowing them to add rich metadata and improve the discoverability of an entire library in just a few clicks.

It’s now also possible to improve discoverability of your long form content by Importing a wide variety of timed text files (CSV/XML/SRT/VTT). Timed text files help your customers navigate large amounts of video more efficiently by taking them straight to the action in long form video – like finding the goals in a football match for example. Supported TT files include: Adobe Prelude (.csv), EVS IPDirector logs (.xml), ImagenClient annotations (.xml), SubRip (.srt), TTML (.xml), and WebVTT (.vtt)

New payment models

It’s now even easier to generate revenue with new monetization options – with no costly, time consuming integration efforts necessary. Imagen’s new credits payment model accelerates customer acquisition – delivering the best possible value for your clients and encouraging greater consumption through a hassle free, self-serve platform.

Whether it’s the winning goal or the whole game, Imagen Credits give your customers the ability to self-serve and license content based on micro levels of consumption. Just select the clip you need from the long form content, select a license and pay in credits based on duration.

This innovative payment model delivers the greatest value for your customers and the most efficient way to monetize high resolution content. Just set up your licenses, add a cost per second and you’re ready to start taking payments. Your customers can buy bundles of credits or pay as they go.

Faster fulfilment

Imagen 5’s Partial File Restore feature creates high resolution clips directly from the master file without the time consuming overhead of re-indexing or transcoding – for the most rapid self-serve edit and fulfilment of broadcast quality media - anywhere. Fully integrated with Imagen’s Accelerated File Delivery tool, customers have the option of express content downloads transferring in the background while they continue to shop for more.

Ready for a global audience

New Multi-language support automatically detects local language settings and delivers a rich, personalized experience across all devices. Imagen 5's fast and efficient browser based management interface makes it easy to add new language options in record time. Combine that with Imagen’s award winning Global Distribution Network and you have a truly worldwide platform for your media – ready for business in any language.

Accelerating the user experience

There are plenty of additional features in Imagen 5 for your customers to enjoy.

  • Pick out the valuable details in your media with Imagen’s Spatial Annotations for extra definition on image searches.
  • Imagen’s improved advanced search feature delivers rapid results from specific search criteria – such as date range or genre.
  • Navigate your advanced search hit list with powerful filtering and sorting controls to find the perfect moment more quickly.

Minimum effort, Maximum impact.

Imagen v5 has been designed to meet the needs of any size organisation looking to preserve their legacy and fully exploit the commercial worth of their video assets. It will reduce the cost of ownership of your video library with cutting-edge features designed to save you time and improve efficiency across your entire organisation. These are just the latest features available with version Imagen v5 – The world’s most advanced video management platform. See the full feature list here.

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