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Imagen announces Summer Fridays for 2022

Imagen, the world’s smartest cloud-based video storage & management platform, is happy to announce that staff will be given half day Fridays this summer. The company implemented Summer Fridays two years ago and is delighted to be able to continue offering this benefit to the business. 

Staff will be able to take a half day as a gesture of thanks for all their hard work in what are still hugely challenging times. Imagen’s people will be using their extra half day to have fun, do the housework, relax, paintball, skydive or whatever clears their heads! 

Imagen also gives staff the day off on their birthday, as well as offering an extra holiday purchase scheme so that people can choose to extend the amount of annual leave they take each year.  

Joanna Fellowes, Head of HR at Imagen says “Our customers buy into our people alongside our technology, and our incredible track record of retaining happy customers is testament to our fantastic teams. Looking after our staff and preventing burn out is of huge importance to us and is what enables us to offer such a world-leading product and service.” 

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