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Imagen Launches Imagen Go, the Smart Digital Media Platform for Creative Teams

Better Media Management Reduces Content Chaos and Unleashes Creativity

London, UK – January 26, 2021 Imagen, the leading digital asset management company today announces the introduction of Imagen Go – a smart, AI powered media platform that helps people to connect with the content they need to stay productive. Imagen Go reduces the complexity of managing digital assets and makes it easy to share, store and collaborate on creative projects.

As many businesses struggle to maintain relationships with consumers, staff and partners during the current pandemic, the demand for digital content to support marketing and communications has only intensified. Without the right digital media management solution in place, creative project teams are encountering content chaos, exacerbated by the pressures of remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We spoke to digital media managers and creatives across a variety of industries about their frustration and exhaustion trying to collaborate remotely on creative files. Unfortunately, many feel that the burden of digital asset admin rises month on month,” commented Brie Pegum, VP Product, Imagen.

Creativity has always been linked to business success; it pays to think differently. Imagen’s research reveals that nearly a third (30%) of UK-based marketing professionals don’t have enough time to be creative. Daily digital admin is rapidly increasing, impeding the creation and execution of impactful projects and campaigns. Over a quarter (27%) of marketing professionals are spending an extra 3-4 hours a day catching up on creative work outside office hours. That adds up to £21,000 of unpaid hours per individual, per year a remarkable cost when the whole team is considered. Their frustration compounded by time wasted searching across disparate systems for files. Moreover, being overworked and frequently losing focus hinders the ability to think creatively. Companies are therefore risking employee burnout as well as their bottom line, without an effective digital asset management in place.

“We are removing the complexities of managing digital media and making it easy for teams to collaborate. Through powerful AI indexing, Imagen Go helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds,” added Brie.

Imagen Go is a secure, intuitive, cloud-based solution designed to help organisations store, organise and share digital media more efficiently. When video files are dropped into projects, Imagen Go automatically generates transcripts from the audio track, it tags objects recognised in images, and turns PDFs and documents into searchable files  Imagen Go’s smart tagging makes finding content effortlessly intuitive.

“Our technology has been developed over the last twenty years to help media companies, sports organisations and businesses extract more value from their content. As the challenge of organising and connecting complex files now faces nearly every business, today we’re launching Imagen Go to help creative teams free up more time to collaborate, innovate and communicate,” said Charlie Horrell, CEO, Imagen. 

Imagen Go


About Imagen

Imagen’s solutions enable businesses to unlock the value in their ever-growing media libraries – enabling fast, secure and controlled cloud-based access to video content, brand assets and campaign content. Imagen Pro is a powerful, highly customisable digital media management platform that enables sports, media and enterprise organisations to intelligently manage, activate and unlock the value of their digital media. Imagen Go is a smart, intuitive, AI powered platform for creative teams that removes the complexity of managing digital assets – so they can collaborate more efficiently, re-use assets more effectively and spend more time being creative. Imagen’s customers include Major League Baseball, AON, the English Premier League, Ministry of Defence, Reuters, BBC and IMG.

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