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First-rate support, unequivocal customer satisfaction: Imagen receives +73 Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is a simple but effective way to measure customer satisfaction, so we’re incredibly proud and grateful for our latest rating.

London, UK – August 13 2021 – Imagen, the smart and intuitive digital asset management company, is delighted to announce that it has achieved a +73 Net Promoter Score (NPS) – an improvement on its previous outstanding performance. By awarding such a score, Imagen’s customers have shown satisfaction not only in the Imagen digital asset management platform itself, but in the excellent account management, professional services and customer support that complete Imagen’s industry-leading experience.

Commenting on the latest NPS survey, Imagen CEO Charlie Horrell said: “I’m delighted and proud to see that our strategic focus on delivering exceptional customer experience continues to result in extraordinary levels of satisfaction.

“Our customers have played a hugely important role in shaping Imagen into the award-winning digital asset management platform that it is today. We pride ourselves on the quality of our solution and ensuring satisfaction with exemplary customer service, employing initiatives such as dedicated account managers, regular user forums, perennial product updates and round-the-clock customer support.

“This latest survey shows Imagen’s customers are among the happiest for any SaaS solution – and we’re working hard to make sure it stays that way.”

Explaining the Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is a simple measure of how likely customers are to recommend a product or service to others. Considered by many to be a prime indicator of customer satisfaction, NPS sheds light on customers’ overall experience of everything a company does.

In the digital asset management space, few competitors publish their scores. Imagen’s +73 NPS score underlines just how happy its customers are. It’s a testament to Imagen’s customer-centric business model and the dedication of everyone in the business to exceed expectations.

Excellent by any metric

Of course, NPS scores aren’t the only way customers can record their satisfaction with a solution. Imagen performs consistently strongly against competitors on software selection sites – it’s currently awarded 4.7/5 on Capterra. Reviews here consistently mention Imagen’s excellent customer service, for example:

“The product is intuitive and easy to use. The support service is first rate also.”

Scottish National Heritage

The quality and content of Imagen’s reviews at is reflected in a strong performance in the G2 Grid Report for Digital Asset Management. Here, Imagen sits at the top right of the Niche quadrant, leading the field for both Market Presence and Satisfaction. Again, Imagen’s overall rating of 4.6/5 matches or exceeds that of our leading competitors, and again reviewers invariably mention excellent customer support:

“The ongoing support – from the simplest of questions to some specific needs – have all been responded to quickly and professionally.”

Behind the scores

Imagen’s focus on delivery begins with pre-sales and, because every client’s digital asset management requirements are slightly different, the approach is always a consultative one. To this end, Imagen assigns an account manager to every client, building collaborative relationships to understand goals, challenges and needs and how to meet or solve them. Additionally, a dedicated project manager works alongside Imagen’s professional services team to fully scope out and plan each project.

Imagen ensures that the customer’s needs are captured and properly reflected in its proposal and the scope of works. After sales, its professional services team works closely with the customer’s technical and operations teams to ensure a smooth deployment, and the careful transfer of all assets from any existing sources.

Charlie Horrell, “From first contact, our aim is to always be responsive, open and supportive, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to provide exactly the service and support individual businesses are looking for.”


About Imagen

Imagen’s solutions enable businesses to unlock the value in their ever-growing media libraries – enabling fast, secure and controlled cloud-based access to video content, brand assets and campaign content. Imagen Pro is a powerful, highly customisable digital media management platform that enables sports, media and enterprise organisations to intelligently manage, activate and unlock the value of their digital media. Imagen Go is a smart, intuitive, AI powered platform for creative teams that removes the complexity of managing digital assets – so they can collaborate more efficiently, re-use assets more effectively and spend more time being creative.

Imagen’s customers include Major League Baseball, AON, the English Premier League, Ministry of Defence, Reuters, BBC and IMG.​

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