Imagen & Sport, a match made in heaven

It seems all day and night our thirst for instant sports video content increases, with more cameras, streams, channels, apps, data and on-demand video services.

It’s easy to spend a little longer than average in front of a screen or device – or for me often both at once, especially when there is Golf and Football on simultaneously! Viva the second screen! With that in mind, it delights me in one sense that at the end of the event – good, bad or sportingly controversial, we are making history by capturing more and more archive content.

I want to talk about the history and the importance of archive footage. A television programme detailing a sporting event or sporting individual can rarely be made without it. How would you profile a sportsperson without moving pictures? How would you explain the sporting event without historical content? How would you facilitate a sports news bulletin without archive footage (probably a bad example, but sadly our sporting legends do pass on)? How many sports television programmes have you seen recently without decent archive footage? Flip the coin over and ask how many good commercials or sponsored web video series have you seen recently without those memorable clips?

To cite a recent example, a large subscription based broadcaster recently televised one of Great Britain’s greatest annual sporting spectacles – The Open Championship. Not only did the broadcaster display phenomenal coverage for all four days of the event, it also shook up the EPG by turning its regular sports news strand into a dedicated channel before and after the live coverage. How was the channel able to run when the live coverage wasn’t available? The answer is archive footage. It keeps the viewer engaged in the event for longer, providing a feel-good factor around the history and prestige of the event. Various articles online would lead us all to believe that the future is all about dedicated channels and the death of linear TV with federations setting up their own subscription VOD platforms. Of course one thing is certain, this will no doubt include archive.

Archive footage needs to be protected, preserved, catalogued, managed and ultimately commercialised by the rights holder – whether this be the sporting federation, or the parent filming the prodigy, golf club in hand in the back garden.

There has never been a better time to digitise content from film and tape. As for the benefits of “the Cloud”, as a platform, the possibilities are endless. Every sporting federation from Cricket to Kabaddi will no doubt have some form of tape library. It’s important to transfer the history to a digital medium, so programmes can be made, and emotional attachments to sporting events maintained.

Imagen is a market leading video asset management company which provides a cloud-based platform that cost-effectively manages and distributes video content. Tom Wild, Account Manager. Tom joined Imagen with extensive knowledge of high profile Sport and Archive video. Having been involved in various projects over the past five years it’s fair to say he knows a bit about the importance of video. On a day to day (and sometimes night to night) basis Tom manages key accounts at Imagen. Should this be of interest please do not hesitate to contact the Imagen Sales Team –

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