Magnificent Imagen v7: Prepare to scale or prepare to fail

Latest version of Imagen helps businesses scale their media operations faster than ever before

LONDON — 10. 07. 2018 — Imagen Ltd, release v7 of its award-winning video management platform on Tuesday 10th July 2018. With unprecedented demand for video content worldwide, businesses are struggling to keep on top of the large volumes of video generated and make it available in good time for an ever-widening range of professional users and consumer audiences. Imagen v7 gives organisations the power to make greater volumes of content ready for market faster than ever before. Content owners can now prepare and distribute all types of video formats ready for licensing, streaming or for use in social media from one highly flexible platform. Imagen’s web page management tools have also been radically updated in v7. Intuitive new ‘in-page’ editing features enable content owners to take total control of the user experience and easily customise page layouts, add menus and interactive elements using simple point and click editing tools. Imagen platform v7 enables users to promote their media and offer professional and consumer audiences more exciting ways to discover their content and navigate through very large volumes with ease. Other new features include:
  • new design templates, which can be easily loaded or modified to reflect brand and corporate styles
  • real-time notifications to keep users up to date on job progress and orders
  • onscreen annotations to highlight and track individuals or objects in videos
  • pre-rolls to include stings or idents at the beginning of video content
  • faster content delivery to a global audience plus easy connection to Content Distribution Networks (CDNs).
Charlie Horrell, Imagen CEO adds
“Media companies are facing bottlenecks as they struggle to deal with increased demand and coordinate distribution to a diversifying client base. There are clear opportunities for organisations that can process more video, and make it available across more devices, faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Only Imagen v7 has the ability to scale up processing during peak demand and promote content when the value is at its highest”

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