Infographic: don’t let pirates steal your audience

Increasing numbers of illegal streaming services are giving sports fans unprecedented access to almost any sporting fixture or event. With quality as well as quantity on the rise, sports fans are turning away from official sources of content and sports brands are losing their audiences.

In the latest series of Imagen reports on the changes in sports content consumption, we’ve looked at what fans actually want and how to counteract the trend. We’ve explored how leading international sports brands are adapting their strategy to meet new demands, and recapped on why this is important; it isn’t just about fan engagement, it’s about preserving your brand and protecting your revenue streams.

What do your fans want to see?

To summarise our findings and offer practical advice on the solution for sports businesses, we’ve constructed the below infographic:Imagen Sports Infographic

Next steps - taking back your audience

In order to recapture your audience, an effective media management and distribution platform is essential.

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