Creating greater credibility from your internal communications

Video is increasingly becoming the preferred way for businesses to communicate and share information. As organisations continue to find new value in video – for training purposes, live streaming and promoting social learning and knowledge transfer – the question of where to keep it has become critical.

It’s possible that your company has video content that you would prefer to keep confidential. Consider your town hall meetings and internal knowledge sharing videos. The last thing you want is for your valuable content to be intercepted by your competitors.

Larger organisations that need to share sensitive information cannot risk using external hosting platforms like YouTube. Instead, these organisations are becoming more reliant on private video platforms to store and provide access to their media content. The platforms may be technically sophisticated but their goals are simple – to provide safe storage and retrieval of media content, when it’s needed and in the desired format.

If you’re concerned that it might be time to switch to your own corporate video management solution, here are a few things to consider.

How important is it that your videos are private?

YouTube is owned by Google, which means the public videos it hosts are optimised to be found. And, while there’s a lot to be said for uploading your videos your videos to YouTube, it is highly unsecure. So, it’s worth bearing in mind that not all business video is right for YouTube.

A major concern for many internal communications teams are that the materials that are circulated to employees may find their way out of the company. Commercially sensitive information used by internal teams could spark a PR disaster if it was unintentionally made public. Choosing where to host customer-facing videos versus those that contain sensitive company information requires careful consideration.

While YouTube may offer privacy settings, your video will always start off as public facing, so it’s worth weighing up the risk of your content being captured by unwelcome visitors.

What are users doing with your content?

Whether users are sharing or commenting on your videos, you should consider the impact that this may have on your organisation. Negative comments can quickly attract unwanted media attention, while unmonitored sharing restricts your ability to track individual engagements.

You’ll more than likely want to keep your corporate instruction videos in-house. If users are interacting with your own corporate video management system you will be able to identify every viewer, individually or departmentally, and set permissions on what they can do with your content. For instance, your training departments can see which videos are being utilised by staff and the most active users within departments. This level of detail can be incredibly useful to teams that need to make sure that their video output is seen by specific individuals or groups within your company.

How important is it for people to search for your videos for specific points of interest?

While full library searches are standard across YouTube and Vimeo, they do not offer granular searchability, and cataloguing is fixed, meaning that they don’t natively offer the ability to access a point of interest within videos.

With your own video management platform, like Imagen, you can take advantage of powerful search and discovery tools and filters to ensure that users can locate specific points of interest in just a few clicks. This saves users time and helps them find the most relevant topics inside your corporate library. You even have the flexibility to add images, audio and text documents.

How important is it for you to create an experience for users?

The credibility of your content can be influenced by the smallest details and a branded portal demonstrates your ability to present a professional and engaging message to your users. If you are currently hosting your corporate videos on a third-party platform, your staff, shareholders and wider stakeholders are not engaging with your brand. YouTube can easily display irrelevant content in users’ recommendations, or even endorse your competitors’ content.

Hosting your own video platform can take your user experience to the next level, allowing you to provide a distraction free journey for your users with completely relevant content and create a seamless experience with your existing brand.

Do you need help extracting more value from your video content?

With a premium experience for your staff and customers, plus streamlined communication with news and PR teams, Imagen can help you extract the greatest value from your media assets and increase the coverage of your brand – turning your corporate media assets into brand impact. Imagen is trusted by leading brands, including BP, the Ministry of Defence and Cimpress to manage and distribute their valuable media.

BP transition to highly-accessible media archive in weeks

Since implementing Imagen, BP stakeholders, both internally and externally are now able to easily upload, access and download content from anywhere in the world at any time.

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