Is your business ready for video?

The pace at which online video is growing as a medium is staggering. Cisco predicts that more than 80% of all mobile traffic will be video-based by 2020, and it is already fast becoming the go-to method for reaching consumers. If you want to replace the oil in your car, use new software, or bake a show-stopping cake, chances are you’ll view an instructional video online.

Video content must therefore be an integral part of any communications strategy. Video is a much more effective way of getting through to consumers. It can also enhance internal activities, such as training and corporate communications.

A powerful and emotive medium

Not only can brand values be conveyed more easily with video content, the quality and provenance of business processes, such as compliance within the manufacturing and utilities industries, can also be demonstrated.

It is a powerful and emotive medium, giving consumers a reason to tune in to brands. For example, Imagen works with a number of clients which store their entire video content libraries online for consumers and the media to access.

However, the opportunity isn’t without challenges. Because of the ubiquity of video now, businesses need to think about how to manage video being created by different and diverse departments all around the world. They have to tackle a range of significant issues, including how content is going to be stored, how it is going to be accessed and how it relates to the brand. Collation, curation and secure access have become the business priorities.

Video is for everyone

All brands are beginning to own vast amounts of media. Organisations of every size, from small businesses to archives of national importance, are waking up to the importance of video management and the opportunity for communication, PR and monetisation.

Brands need to consider how to maximise the return on their investment, so while marketers embrace the creativity of the medium, they also need to think carefully about how to store it correctly and access it easily so they can get as much value out of video content as possible.

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