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New pop video collection easier to find with Screenocean ‘One Search’ feature

London, UK – 13 August, 2018 – Imagen’s clip sales business Screenocean has added renowned pop music video collection The Video Pool to its portfolio of content. The collection brings together three decades of classic pop promos, including seminal moments from the 80’s featuring Michael Jackson, Rick Astley, Spandau Ballet and The Police. Memorable performances from the Pet Shop Boys, Lisa Stansfield, Guns N’ Roses and Kraftwerk are also available online through the Screenocean content licensing platform.

The Video Pool library was originally curated by music industry stalwarts Sharon Hood and Roz Bea as they seized upon the opportunity to promote acts by distributing pop promos to MTV as the new medium became mainstream. Their stockpile of music videos grew as they also became a major supplier for video jukeboxes and retail displays.

To coincide with the release of the collection, Screenocean has also upgraded its Imagen content portal with a major new federated search feature. Researchers can now search across every collection in the Screenocean archive through one simple and intuitive interface. The powerful new ‘One Search’ feature delivers an enhanced experience for footage buyers and new opportunities for content owners who are also using an Imagen platform to reach new markets by including their library in Screenocean’s federated search range.

Imperial War Museums have added their collection to this One Search function; film researchers can now follow links from Screenocean directly to the IWM’s film archive of 25,000 hours of footage.

With One Search, film researchers now have extensive choice at their fingertips – with immediate access to tens of thousands of hours of extraordinary footage spread across exclusive archives, including the entire Reuters News Archive, Channel 4, Channel 5, BAFTA, Clips & Footage, and now the Video Pool.

Ali Blake, General Manager at Screenocean adds

Our new One Search feature will help time poor film researchers discover the content they need more quickly. We’re committed to offering more choice – the addition of The Video Pool pop music collection to our library means there’s even more extraordinary content for our clients to discover and license – all from one platform.”

About Imagen

Imagen helps sports organisations and media companies to manage and distribute their ever growing media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly customisable content portal.

Speed to market, greater choice and ease of access are critical to maximising the value of sports content. Imagen allows rights holders to monetise near-live video assets more effectively via a premium content distribution portal. Offering pin-point time-based video searching, instant playback, online editing and high-speed file transfers Imagen also unlocks the full commercial potential in your archive.

With customers including the Premier League, IMG, ATP Media, WTA and many more, Imagen implements a unique set of processes and technical expertise to ensure that video is managed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. As the sheer amount of video data grows throughout the world, Imagen strives to create a platform that can generate more revenue from legacy and near-live video – as well as preserving priceless sporting archives for the next generation of fans.

About Screenocean

Screenocean provides unparalleled access to unique and quality content from around the world, captured from 1896 to the present day. Discover rare and inspiring footage including momentous historic newsreels, entertainment programmes, and over 20 million iconic images. Spanning 3 centuries, we help bring your stories and projects to life. Screenocean’s footage library includes clips from Reuters News Archive, Channel 4, Channel 5, Warner Bros Television Productions UK, Clips & Footage, BAFTA and Cover Images. Searchable 24/7, get footage for TV, film, education, advertising, corporate events, museums, music videos and more.

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