John Pearson: New Imagen Ltd Chairman

High-profile appointment of former Shazam chairman and co-founder of Virgin Radio follows Imagen Ltd's Best Practices award from Frost & Sullivan. Imagen Ltd has appointed John Pearson as its Chairman, a move that highlights the ongoing growth and ambition of the company. John Pearson brings with him exceptional leadership experience across a variety of technology, media and broadcast companies including 13 years as CEO of Virgin Radio, which he also co-founded, and eight years as chairman of the revolutionary music technology company Shazam. Under his direction, many companies have achieved significant growth and realised excellent investment potential, and as a mentor John has provided invaluable advice and support to senior executives. Tom Blake, CEO, Imagen Ltd, said, “John is a truly inspirational leader with a wealth of experience to bring to the table. He has recognised our potential, which in itself is a great endorsement for what we have achieved to date. I am looking forward to working with John to refine our strategy and drive the company to the next level of success.”   John Pearson commented,

“It is tremendous to be joining Imagen Ltd at such an exciting time. The company has a fantastic position in a growing and fast-moving sector, and reminds me of the early days of Shazam. I look forward to working with the team to help them realise their potential.”
The appointment follows last month’s recognition from Frost & Sullivan, the growth partnership company, which presented Imagen Ltd with the prestigious Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year award in the digital asset management sector. Significant growth at the company in recent times has led to the development of brand new offices, which the team expects to move into this summer.  

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