Leaders of the pack: the best practice guide

How sports organisations are adapting to preserve their audience and protect their revenue.

Changing sports viewing habits are causing problems for sports clubs, federations and associations when it comes to retaining their viewers. But there’s plenty of opportunity to fight back.

This guide explains how some of the world’s leading sports brands are successfully counteracting the effects of piracy, illegal streaming and fan distributed content by adapting their own approach.

Topics covered:

  • What fans expect to be able to access, where and when
  • How sports companies can cater for these demands, and capitalise on associated opportunities
  • How best to equip your business in order to respond quickly
  • Presenting examples of best practice from key players in the industry

About Imagen

Imagen helps sports organisations and media companies to manage and distribute their ever growing media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly customisable content portal. Read more.

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