How top sports brands utilise video on social media

Sports brands are facing a unique challenge when it comes to fan engagement in 2018. More consumers than ever are viewing sports footage, but not via traditional channels – there’s also the ever-growing threat of piracy. To maintain their relationship with fans,  sports businesses need to start thinking ‘outside the box’ and be more innovative with their use and distribution of content.

One of the biggest issues is that fans have become impatient. They’re no longer willing to wait for access to video footage of their favourite sports teams. And they don’t need to; illegal streaming services and pirated content will give them what they’re after within moments of an event happening. This poses a threat to sports brands that goes beyond losing out on fan engagement –  being unable to capture attention in the right place, at the right time can damage valuable revenue streams – plus the chance to engage with the next generation of fans.

So far, some brands have risen to the challenge better than others. We’ve identified six popular brands who have responded to these changes and capitalized  on them – as outlined in our ‘Leaders of the Pack’ guide.

The guide covers the following:

  • The value of utilizing near live sports coverage on social media
  • How to use video to keep fans engaged beyond the match, and get them excited for key events
  • The connection between engagement online and revenue opportunities
  • How sports businesses can utilise their video archives to cement relationships with fans
  • The ways in which an effective management and distribution platform can assist businesses in achieving these objectives (live clipping, social publishing tools etc).

Download today to get started.

New report: who moved the goalposts? 

Capitalising on changing viewing habits and the future of sports media distribution. 

Access and download our latest report, investigating the changing nature of sports media consumption, and what the future holds for owners and distributors of sports video content.

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