Maximize operational efficiency with drone video

Businesses worldwide are discovering the benefits and challenges of integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems into their operations. UAS, more commonly known as drones, have the capability to increase efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.

As the unmanned aircraft industry expands beyond the defense market into commercial operations, it continues to search for the industry that its products can best serve. As oil and gas companies explore the possibilities UAS can bring to their businesses, a significant percentage of market share is now shifting to this industry.

The majority of work performed in the oil and gas industry by drones has been the small-scale monitoring of pipelines, inspection of critical infrastructure, and geological mapping. The video data collected by these operations contain a lot of critical information – which can lead to additional challenges – one of the biggest challenges being storing and managing this video data securely and distributing it among collaborative partners. Having the capability to easily search time-stamped video is important when viewing hours of video – in which only a small segment may be applicable. This is where the manufacturers are lacking – providing robust software platforms that enable the user to manage, secure and distribute applicable footage.

Imagen are market leading experts in storing, securing and distributing useful video data and can help your organization maximize the information you are getting from your drone platforms. If you are facing these challenges, get in touch or book a demo to discuss more.

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