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Imagen Makes Licensing Video, Podcasts and Images a Breeze with New Intuitive Monetization Feature

Digital media management platform streamlines the process to generate revenue from content; eases access and acquisition process for licensees

New York, USA – 28 April 2020 Imagen, the leading video management platform for sports organizations, media companies and the enterprise sector, today unveiled a comprehensive monetization tool to simplify the process of bringing content to market and generating revenue. Imagen’s monetization feature also makes it easier for licensees to acquire content assets and rights packages as quick and easy as adding items to a “shopping basket.”

This streamlined process enables Imagen customers to more easily generate revenue from their owned content. Traditionally, if someone wanted to purchase a license to a video or image, they would need to go through a tedious course: inquire about the asset, deal with a sales team to gain rights to the asset, receive a price quote and then purchase. Imagen’s new feature now closely mirrors typical e-commerce purchasing habits, satisfying customer demand for a simpler, less prolonged copyright transaction.

Demand for this type of licensing and monetization comes from across industry sectors: from media and publishers, but also in sports, education and corporations who need better ways of managing the rights to their content and see the opportunity to derive revenue from its value.

“Content monetization has always been a complex issue and pain point for our customers, taking unnecessary time and additional steps in the license purchasing process. This in turn could result in being underpaid for content copyrights and a loss of revenue,” said Charlie Horrell, Imagen’s Chief Executive Officer of the Americas. “Imagen’s new e-commerce-style monetization feature is a direct response to our customers’ need for flexible asset management and a tool that facilitates monetization in a seamless, real-time manner.”

Within this latest product release, Imagen also incorporated several new features and user-experience enhancements:

  • Image cropping and editing tools: Users can now manipulate any image in their browser without relying on third-party software. Customers can crop, resize, rotate, flip, mirror and update the format before downloading the edited image
  • Search results filters: In addition to typical search filters like date, keywords and categories, Imagen users can now also refine image searches by color and duration. The color filter narrows down media assets in specific color palettes while the duration filter locates videos or audio assets that are a specific length
  • Video thumbnail previews: The new thumbnail previews give users another level of detail in the search results grid by skimming over each thumbnail to see a short clip to find the perfect asset without needing to watch individual videos
  • Support for extra document formats: Users can now save .7z and .rar formats to their media libraries in addition to video, images, audio, documents and Adobe files

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About Imagen

Imagen is an intuitive video management platform that enables sports organizations, media companies and enterprise organizations to intelligently manage their video content with enhanced functionality, control and insight. Imagen is being used by global organizations to manage and distribute their expanding video and media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through its highly customizable platform.

Imagen’s customers include Major League Baseball, William Morris Beverly Hills, the English Premier League, Women’s Tennis Association, Reuters, BBC and IMG.

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