NAB 2018 Review

Once again, NAB didn’t fail to impress. The show allowed us to develop our understanding of how broadcasters, producers and rights holders are aiming to refine their video management strategy. After all, the way we are accessing media is constantly changing. Video collections are becoming increasingly indexed, searchable, interactive and accessible across the internet. These changes are having a profound effect on the future of video and businesses that fail to develop a coherent video strategy will do so at their peril. It was refreshing to be approached by visitors from a range of sectors, from media production to global sports rights holders, eager to find out more about our latest features in Imagen Version 6, and how we have implemented Imagen for existing businesses.

What did we find out at the show?

The consensus of NAB attendees is that footfall has decreased again at this year’s show. But, while visitor numbers might not be what they were a few years ago, there seems to be a common theme that the quality of attendees is far more concentrated. Technology focused people are still attending, with a thirst for new features from trusted suppliers. There are also themes of market consolidation with IMG’s recent acquisition of Neulion, and alike. Imagen have been attending NAB for the best part of 10 years, and over this time we have seen the show, exhibitors, attendees and trends evolve. We have found that attendees of the show are actively implementing cloud based content portals, wishing to provide their partners with elegant solutions – allowing for easier self-service of content. As video continues to be more pertinent than ever, the need to properly manage it is much higher up the agenda for many organisations. Even within a single office - duplication, lost files, complicated folder structures, media sharing and disparity are just some of the issues that can be experienced if video isn’t managed correctly. Consider different geographical locations, time zones, language barriers and you’ve got yourself a global problem. Let’s not even consider what will happen if your Media Manager was to leave. Despite the sheer volume of video increasing, many rights holders still store their precious media on LTO tapes or in folders to be forgotten. Unfortunately, the issue only becomes cumbersome once too much is amassed. Then you have a problem on your hands. To ensure efficient communication and improve knowledge-sharing amongst your stakeholders, you need to implement one solution that will work across the globe. Every video that your organisation creates will need to be kept somewhere – and where it’s stored for the long term, affects your ability to leverage that content in the future.

About Imagen

Award-winning Imagen helps companies maximise the full value of their video libraries. The interface is simple to use, easy to rebrand and configure to your business requirements, serving as your long-term archive, content management system, publishing platform, company website and video on demand portal. Imagen version 6 not only gives you the most powerful platform to manage, access and distribute your media archive – it now offers live capture and powerful new archiving, logging and publishing tools. Optimise your efficiency with automated updates to your clients with direct links to new content – all fully themed to adhere with your company branding. And, connect with new audiences with social media publishing tools that can provide rapid fire publishing of clips to your social media channels. Thank you to everybody that visited us during the show. You can sign up to our newsletter to stay informed or you can arrange a demo of our software here.

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