New: Imagen 3.5 - Great content deserves a great looking website

Our new WYSIWYG customisation tools help you create the perfect online media archive  – plus new powerful workflows, intelligent spell checking and lots more!

Imagen takes the cost and complexity out of video management, combining best in class preservation standards and infinite storage capacity, with elegant and intuitive web interfaces for easy search and retrieval. The release of Imagen 3.5 makes it even easier to customise ImagenWeb to create the perfect user experience.   Imagen 3.5 enables you to customise your website in a much more user-friendly and simple way. New 'customise' options allow you to easily select what you would like to edit by clicking the pencil icon on a specific area. It has never been quicker and easier to add your company logo, or indeed edit any theme image of your choosing. BlogPost35_2.fw   BlogPost35_4This new edit function also includes new background image functionality to give your website the unique, branded look you desire - creating eye-catching pages to attract and inform customers.   BlogPost35_3.fw BlogPost35_5     Create custom pages with ease using our WYSIWYG editor. An updated and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor makes creating and editing custom pages even easier than before - from design to content, these editors take the hassle out of customising your site. Any suitable theme templates can also be edited using the WYSIWYG system. BlogPost35_6     Spell checking in standard search. Our newly updated search system now gives results closest to what you typed. For example, if there was a typo in your search, the system would bring up the closest relevant record. BlogPost35_7 BlogPost35_8       New user permissions - order clips on behalf of another user. New user permissions allow users to place clip orders on behalf of another user. For example, if you are a privileged user and have access to higher quality workflows, you can gift/fulfill a request for another user. BlogPost35_9 Both you and the other user can watch the job progress in 'your orders' under your account. BlogPost35_10   Other new features include: 
  • XML import can initialise the ACLs of the records being imported. This makes bulk import with complex permissions much simpler.
  • User can now edit the start and end time of a clip after it's been added to a collection. Once changed, the collection containing the clip is also updated.
  • The interface in the ImagenWeb control panel for adding resource images is much improved.
  • ImagenWeb now supports ingesting .zip and .rtf files as document media types and .dcm as an image format.
  • You can filter your search results to show only records that where created by you, or if you are a member of an organisation, filter to show only record created by someone from your organisation.
There are many more new and improved features to Imagen 3.5. Why not experience it for yourself with a Free Trial  

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