Part 1: What is a sports archive, and why should you care about yours?

Sports, like sports men and women, come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of what sport you help to run, you’re all trying to achieve the same thing - Develop your sport. Developing your sport, and the participation thereof, hinges on your ability to do one thing. Get your sport or club in front of an audience and engage them. Sports organisations now recognise that they are a brand in themselves. Just like others brands such as Coke or Levi’s, you need to engage with your audience to sell. What does any good brand do? It tells a story that connects with its demographic, followers, or audience. Without a doubt the best way to tell your story is with video. Then the problem becomes where does all that new video that you’re making to engage your fans go… simple, you put it in the archive…right?!

What exactly is the sports archive?

  The word archive typically has connotations of lots of dust, black and white films, or boxes of tapes under Dave’s desk. Actually, it’s just video content, and some of it’s older than the new stuff. So for arguments sake, let’s not call it archive, but rather your ‘library’. Libraries have new books and old books after all so it’s a decent analogy for now. Anything post-live, should go into the library for safe-keeping and future exploitation. Your library, will boast treasured moments from your sports history. As the custodians of your legacy, you have the responsibility to preserve and future-proof that content so that can be enjoyed and inspire the next generation to take up your sport or support your team. Right now, it’s probably at medium to high risk of loss in some way. Either through misplacement, mismanagement, or media degradation. However with a little thought and care that doesn’t need to happen.

Is there value in your sports library?

  Undoubtedly, yes. Will it mean hard and fast cash for your organisation? That’s less certain. The reality is that your older content is needed when there is contextual relevance. An anniversary, a big news story, an upcoming championship. It will be exploitable at some point. Its then about how you get it to partners. If it’s on a tape or hard-drive, there is a significant administrative burden in finding and delivering content. So sometimes it’ll be too onerous to bother, or you simply don’t have the time to fulfil so many requests. That’s a wasted opportunity for promotion. Ultimately what you all want for your content is for it to be organised. Organised and accessible. That will then give you the spring board to exploit your content and help grow your sport.To be continued... Part 2 will be focusing on how important it is to archive for business use, and just how cost effective the process can be.   [vc_single_image image="11015" img_size="medium" alignment="center"]

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