Part 2: What is a sports archive, and why should you care about yours?

Ok, so last time we started talking about what a sports archive is, and why you should be paying closer attention to yours (see Part 1). Let's pick up where we left off...  

That’s great Hamish but our sports library isn’t ‘business critical’

  Well, it should be. Easy and elegant fulfilment of your content to business partners is now essential. The demand for video content is only ever going to grow from here on. It’s how you’ll spread your sport after all. That sounds pretty business critical.   Sport is of course about live and people coming together for a shared experience in the moment. That’s why we love it. It brings us together at the ground, down the pub, or at the water cooler the morning after. It’s tribal! Your library will give you and your partners the ability to provide context and relevance around the live events, and feed the supplementary highlights and interviews afterward.    

What about the really old video. Isn’t it going to be expensive to digitise our legacy assets?

  Potentially, that mostly depends on how much you have. Though remember ‘expensive’ is a subjective notion. There is only ever cost and value. You’ll need to decide where you draw the line in the sand.   Can you afford to digitise and store those legacy assets? Can you afford not to? A cliché but certainly a cliché worth considering. Because once it’s gone, it’s really gone. Can you imagine a world without “Here comes Hurst, he’s got some people on the pitch, they think it’s all over...” Whilst some Scots I know would prefer to live in that world, it would be a sadder one.   The good news is however that you can pay operationally. With the flexibility of public cloud infrastructure and video management software allowing annual subscription payment, the large CAPEX budget barriers are removed. You can now ‘pay as you grow’.   Demonstrating ROI to the finance director isn’t easy, of course. “If we digitise it for x, can we sell it for 3x?” might be their question. Maybe, yes. Maybe it is worth 3x, I’m not sure. Maybe you can supply library content to your broadcast partners and affiliates such as your member federations. Maybe your internal/external production teams will create more programming including best of the libary. Maybe you bundle in archive rights as part of broadcast agreements for added-value, or you can leverage that to charge more for the service. All the above are routes to new revenue generations once you’re organised.   In any case, when it comes to your legacy, that’s not really the point. If it’s purely about the numbers then it’s maybe not for you. This is an emotional thing. Securing your organisation's video legacy for the future life-blood of your sport and support. Put a price tag against that?!   shutterstock_110508779

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