Protect Yourselves, Protect Your Content

Everyday, people within your organisation are taking risks when sharing sensitive and valuable content. Without storage and management policies and the supporting technology and processes, this is an easy routine to slip into. It’s often haste and lack of adherence to protocol that causes the most damage in the workplace in terms of data breaches – and media distribution is no different. Valuable or sensitive content in the wrong hands can impact on revenue, unsettle corporate relationships, disrupt negotiations, cause embarrassment and potentially damage your brand – sometimes catastrophically.

You might think that by keeping content on local devices and/or distributing media through 3rd party, one-way file-transfer sites you’ve found the answer to sharing files with stakeholders quickly. But there are a number of risks in that process that should lead you to reassess its security and suitability if you are managing content of value and/or sensitivity.

Media Production companies are now forced to consider how their data can be managed as securely as sensitive personal data such as health care records; assessing risk before it occurs rather than assessing damage done in the event of a high profile media leak.

Here are a few key ways a relaxed approach to media sharing can put you and your content at risk:


When project deadlines creep up, shortcuts can often lead to improper practices. Rushed media distribution can lead to costly mistakes like sending files to the incorrect recipient, sending the wrong file or incorrect versions just a few clicks away. With strict processes and an easy to use platform, content sharing using Imagen brings speed as well as security.


Both emailing and file transfers not only rely on content owners having to send the whole file to recipients, they also don’t provide a way to relinquish access to content once it has been sent. This requires a great deal of trust and leaves organisations exposed when circulating for sensitive or valuable content – such as film or TV previews. This can be solved using a shared media portal where content owners can grant access for certain internal or external audiences to browse and playback online – and then revoke access after it has been viewed.


Keeping content on local networks and portable drives has its benefits when operating offline but neither provide the same level of file security as a cloud management system. Susceptible to damage, loss and theft, valuable or sensitive media should not be left lying around or in one person’s possession. A trusted online media portal allows valuable content to be stored in the cloud, making it available to internal users at anytime and from any location – along with appropriate access levels for a range of users.

Content sharing without the risks

Imagen’s trusted media management and distribution solution is built for fast and secure delivery. Representing a more secure approach to content sharing, Imagen provides a centralised repository for all your valuable media and alongside granular access and permission controls, watermarking, backup storage, time-limited access, automatic generation of browse quality copies for download or online playback, as well as single sign-on enterprise authentication.

Cybersecurity is critical for Media Companies in a connected world full of opportunity and risks. For 10 simple ways you can improve your own cybersecurity, click here.

Secure your content, once and for all

The first steps to improving your organisation’s video management comes from understanding the shortfalls and discussing them internally. Download our business case guide for more information

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