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Recently a broadcaster asked me to propose an “Immersive Experience for viewers”. Slightly stumped, I thought HTML5 websites, online chat. But that all seemed too 2010. I looked into “Virtual Reality” gaming technology, not an area familiar to me, but I knew a man who did. My first “immersive” experience, gave me vertigo and I was sitting in a chair. I walked around a theme park, wandered into a café and was immediately approached by an avatar waitress who wanted to take my order. Way too much for this 21st Century boy, I got up from my virtual seat, opened the virtual café door and headed off into the virtual open theme park. I noticed a virtual TV display, but the content being broadcast was the BBC 1 o’clock news. So get this, I was an Avatar watching real-time TV from a virtual world. I have a 2 year old daughter, when she joins the work place in 25 years time, dad will tell her we corresponded by email, VM and websites. She will laugh. In the not too distant future, we will all have an Avatar alter ego, moving from your office in the UK, visiting any office globally, have a conversation with colleagues and customers in real-time. The management of this data is beyond comprehension. One thing I am sure of, Microsoft Azure will be part of that eco system and Imagen, their Enterprise Video Platform partner, providing connectivity to huge video libraries. The great news is that now, in 2016, that technology is available today. Contact Imagen, we would be delighted to offer a showcase of how you can manage yesterday’s AudioVideo today and tomorrow.

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