New Report: The role of video in transforming financial services

The world of banking and finance is an ever-changing one. In today’s digital world, revised and updated regulations are a constant challenge, ensuring the industry is keeping apace with technology while maintaining compliance. To add to this, video services have brought a revolution of competition for consumers between banks.

Consumers are increasingly switching to app-based banking services such as Starling and Monzo, who are leading the way when it comes to utilizing video. In today’s financial industry, customers don’t want to wait – and video services are providing opportunity the for these organisations to deliver immediate and seamless customer experiences.

Video is an area of technology that financial institutions are embracing, and while its use is becoming more mainstream, there’s a lot of work for the industry to do as a whole to catch up with the new era of digital services.

In our new report – Video in Financial Services: Solving risk and compliance challenges – we explore the need for financial organisations to develop their operations and customer services using video. Businesses who do not respond to these changes now will risk losing revenue – through the time lost managing compliance processes, and through losing out on new customers opting for more digitally advanced services.

This report covers:

The opportunity to streamline compliance processes – note-taking and meeting recordings are an incredibly time-consuming matter in banking and finance. Effective video management presents an opportunity to improve this process, saving time and money.

Digitising the onboarding processes – challenger banks are utilising video to deliver exceptional customer service and innovative security processes. Financial institutions not making use of video to digitise their services are at risk of being left behind.

The industry is undergoing change – but not everyone is changing at the same pace. As the technology develops even further, and the needs of both compliance and customer experience becomes more difficult to manage, how is your business prepared to keep up?

In this report, not only do we identify the changes that have happened, but there is practical advice on steps you can take to start your video challenges – download your copy now to access these insights.

New report: video in financial services – solving risk and compliance challenges 

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