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Guide: The Show Must Go Online - Exploiting Demand For Video

When 95% of event teams that share video say it is effective, why is it that as many as 57% of events still aren’t using video at all?

In recent years, the way we all seek and consume information online has shifted, paving the way for video to become the content king. As a result, sharing video online has proven a powerful tool for attracting attention quickly and breaking through the noise.

For event teams, specifically, video content provides a great opportunity to not only increase the reach and effectiveness of event promotion but also to evolve the way their events are delivered.

As a result, events should ensure they have a robust, future-proof strategy and infrastructure in place to adapt to online audiences, increase their reach, and maximise their revenue opportunities.

Download our latest guide to grow and exploit your content library online to take advantage of the increasing demand for video.

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Download this exclusive guide to discover how your events can up their video game.

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