SNS Storage Users: automatically archive and publish media through Imagen

We have been working closely with Studio Network Solutions to provide an out-of-the-box solution enabling users to take advantage of their fantastic post production integrated storage, and our award-winning Enterprise Video Platform Imagen at the click of a button. Whether you’re sharing media inside or outside a firewall, B2B, or B2C; it’s worth considering some of the benefits of integrating your media storage with an Enterprise Video Platform, built for purpose.

More than just storage

We’ve partnered with Studio Network Solutions because their storage is more than just storage. It can be tied directly to the major NLE’s, passing metadata back and forth, enabling a seamless fit between the editing environment and storage. Not only that, their ‘Share Browser’ also enables the user to preview and tag basic metadata beyond the technical metadata retrieved from the NLE’s. This is great, but for many, the workflow doesn’t stop there. Many users then go on to use some of the sharing and streaming tools discussed earlier to distribute their media to their customers. It works, but its manual.

Seamlessly linked

We’ve taken advantage of our RESTful API to plug Imagen straight into the SNS storage, enabling the user to simply export media and all that useful metadata straight into Imagen. This means that instead of having to manually move files onto the aforementioned file sharing and streaming platforms and tag the metadata manually, users can now move hundreds or thousands of files, with metadata, and viewing permissions at the click of a button. The process of creating proxies, metadata filters and viewing permissions will be completely automated; and the media will be beautifully displayed using all of Imagen’s great web-based technology. With the media now available in Imagen, users can use our tools to create private links, download & create clips, embed media, and many useful options. Combining these two pieces of technology is a great way to seamlessly automate a well-trodden workflow from edit, all the way through to delivery to the customer. Our reasoning behind creating this workflow is pretty simple. We’re seeing more of the companies we talk to in and around the creative industry using platforms like YouTube, Vimeo Pro and even universal file sharing tools like Hightail and Dropbox for sharing media. Aside from other issues with these platforms, such as access and security, we think there’s a better way of doing things.   Come visit us at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas - stand SL5021 - and see Imagen 3.5 for yourself. NAB

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