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When talking to Imagen customers and prospects, it became clear that one of the major challenges facing companies is how to manage and distribute corporate video content that enhances the corporate narrative. How do you successfully create a clear vision and cultivate a corporate culture that enables the successful delivery of the business’ strategic and operational plans? How are you delivering innovative growth plans to ensure you are competitive in a disruptive digital world. How do you engage with your internal and external stakeholders? Create, secure and deliver stories that inspire your customers? Creating a culture of innovation requires the communication of complex ideas – made more challenging by geographic and cultural diversity across the globe. How do you encourage innovation, and by doing this achieve greater compliance, handle conflict resolution more effectively, collaborate with partners and distribute best practice ideas? While securing your intellectual property? The need to innovate is driving strong investment in emerging technology. Big Data, Cloud Computing, The Internet of Things and using video assets to effectively communicate complex ideas. Securely. Imagen EVP is a market leading video asset management company that provides a cloud-based platform that cost-effectively manages and distributes video content. If you are facing these challenges, please contact me to discuss a solution.

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