The DPP: Guide to digital archiving

Never have we been so aware of how precious and rare good content is: to have a place where you can keep yours safely, and retrieve it easily, will feel extraordinarily empowering.

The DPP guide to digital archiving

This exclusive guide is normally only available to members of the DPP and has been created by leading experts in UK broadcast and media – including BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

The information within the guide is invaluable, with an unbiased view on the following key topics:

  • The inherent risks in the world of digital storage
  • Where you should keep your contentProtecting your media
  • Ensuring discoverability and playback long-term
  • How much should a solution cost you

“Anyone creating such a digital media collection would be wise to employ the services of someone with proven experience in the area of archiving. However this guide will provide you with the knowledge to understand what the experts are talking about – and the framework to undertake what could be the most nerve-racking investment of your professional life.”

Mark Harrison, Managing Director, Digital Production Partnership Ltd

Digital download

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