The hidden power of video

If you’ve got a website, chances are you spent quite a lot of time getting the words right. And while that’s important, if you aren’t using audio-visual material on there as well, you could be doing yourself out of valuable click-throughs. Whatever information you want to give your customers – whether it’s instructions on how to use a new piece of software, a demo of your latest product, or an interview with your MD, you’re better off doing it with a video. You don’t just have to take our word for it. Here comes the science...

Our brains process video faster than text

90% of the information that goes to our brains is visual. And we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. In everyday terms that means that if you want to communicate more quickly, you’re better off whacking a video or two on your site rather than reams of text.

We get so much more from it

We’re much more inclined to pay attention to a video than we are to read loads of words. In fact, website visitors typically only read about 20 per cent of the text on a page. That’s because listening to a human voice explaining something helps us convert things into meaningful content much faster – basically it’s easier for us to understand something when a person’s telling us about it rather than just reading it.

Search engines love video

Not only is video content up to 50x more likely to get you organic page ranks in Google than plain text results, those video results will also get 41% higher click-through rates. This means more people are visiting your site, watching your videos and learning about your brand/ products. Sounds good to us.

It’s much easier to share

Ultimately, you want as many people as possible to go to your website. The best way to do that is to get them talking about it. Social media users are 40 per cent more likely to share visual material like photos and videos than anything else. And if you use Imagen to build your site and host your content it’s really easy for visitors to comment on and share your videos. Still not convinced? I’ve got one more stat. As a general rule we retain 80 per cent of what we see and only 20 per cent of what we read. Which means people are much more likely to remember your site if they’ve watched a video on it. So there you have it. Even more reasons to get yourself a free trial of Imagen. And yes, we do realise we should have made this into a video.  

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