The State of Communication

It’s the beginning of a new year; a time for reflection. Evaluation of the past year and expectations for the 12 months that follow. The development of new technologies tends to dominate the headlines when looking back at years passed, as it can have such an impact on how we act and think. In recent years a lot of capital has gone into the research of social and consumer trends, and our growing ability to understand what we ‘like’ and ‘need’. Insights based on social profiling, isn’t anything new. Predictive analytics give a retrospective view on our likely behaviour but has variable outcomes. The one thing that doesn’t change as the world rushes around us is the main way we like to communicate. We share information by the spoken word. From family discussions, to corporate presentations, to Queen’s speeches. This stems from the most ancient way of sharing information - storytelling around dwellings and camp fires. Today in 2016, as a global community, we find ourselves back around the campfire, except it’s now a PC - the window to everything we have ever wondered, every aspiration we have ever dreamt. Neurocognitive science clearly indicates that the way we communicate is through sight and sound. Our cognitive function allows us to process information in a nano-second, giving us insight for our decision making. No “Big Data” analytics server processes information quicker than your conscions. Imagen Enterprise Video Platform has been helping companies preserve and navigate their growing media libraries. This ensures fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly customizable website. The way we will continue to share information is not an HTML page or a PDF, its Sound and Vision. We return to the camp fire to share our ideas and aspirations - but with a much wider circle of reach, billions of internet users.

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