Turn your online videos into cold, hard cash

So, you’ve used Imagen to build yourself a branded website to host your videos. The next step is to make some money out of it. But how, exactly, do you make that happen? Here are our top five tips for making cash from your content.

1. Use videos to sell your products

Okay, so this one might seem like a bit of a no-brainer. If you’ve got a product to sell, get your videos to do all the hard work so your salespeople don’t have to. Show us your products in action. Tell us about the problems they’ll solve. Maybe even give us a quick tour of how you make them. Then finish off with some happy, smiling customers telling us how great you are. (If you’re not sure your videos are quite hitting the mark, check out our post on starting out in the world of video production.)

2. Promote other people’s products

A little bit of product placement can go a long way (and if it’s good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for us). So if you’ve got a favourite company or a product you use a lot, why not give them an endorsement in your videos? There’s nothing wrong with recommending a favourite product or company. Just make sure it’s someone you really trust – you don’t want to recommend a shoddy product as you could end up scaring off your own customers. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you’d recommend it to your mum. If not, then don’t recommend it to anyone else.

3. Get yourself some sponsors

These days pretty much every TV show, from Coronation Street to Marvel’s Agents of Shield, has a “Sponsored by XXX” beforehand. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with your online videos. Or you might be able to persuade someone to advertise their own product in your video. For example, say you’re going to make a video demonstrating how to make something using your artisan bread flour. What about the other ingredients? Could you ask someone to pay you to use their eggs? Or say you’re a furniture company making a video showing your customers how to put your flat-packed table together. Perhaps the people who make the screwdriver you’re using would pay you for a shout-out. You can then charge them for each unique viewer, per month, or for click-throughs.

4. Sell your videos to other people

If your content’s good enough, then other people might want to use it. Then you can charge them to put it on their own sites. Simple.

5. Make videos for other people

If you fancy yourself a bit of a James Cameron and are a dab hand at creating professional-looking videos that generate leads or sales, then why not lend that expertise to someone else? Have a chat with some local businesses and see if anyone else is looking to get their products into online videos but isn’t sure where to start. You could even offer to host it for them (for a small fee of course) or sell them a licence to use it on their own site. Go on, share the love.

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