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The Value of Video – Getting the most from your digital assets

Video has never been so integral to the way businesses operate and communicate. As the volume of video grows, getting value from it means having the tools to store, manage and distribute it effectively now and in the future.

Things are different now, and the future direction of Covid-19 and its effects are far from certain. The pandemic forced organisations into quick and often radical action, incurring costs and often resulting in far from perfect solutions.

For most businesses, the outlook is uncertain as marketing budgets and consumer confidence struggle to recover. More than ever, success means being streamlined and agile, and having the insight to position yourself early for opportunities that may prove to be limited.

Whether you use video for marketing, internal comms, HR, or even licensed distribution, you need the right tools. After all, content is only valuable if you can store, share and distribute it efficiently and securely.

Download our exclusive report for guidance on how to make the most of video today, tomorrow and in the future.

In this report you will discover:

  • The case for content centralisation and smarter protection.
  • Best practices for remote working content collaboration.
  • How to thrive and survive in an uncertain future.

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