Video and the Industrial Internet of Things

There is a lot of discussion across industries about how IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), or connected intelligent devices, and the use of cognitive computing will revolutionise how we interact with and gain insight from huge amounts of data. Mostly unstructured data. Let’s face it – there is just too much data for us simple folk to comprehend – we need machine help! With about 60% of the data currently residing on the commercial Internet being video, a figure quickly escalating in the Industrial space, how can we use analytics, cognitive computing and video to increase bottom-line revenue? While doing some research on this, I came across an example of how IBM Watson (there are other platforms on the market) has been enabling the monitoring of unstructured data from video feeds and image snapshots to identify scenes and patterns. Combining this knowledge with machine data helps you gain an understanding of past events and emerging situations. For example, video monitoring security cameras might note the presence of a forklift infringing on a restricted area, creating a minor alert in the system; three days later, an asset in that area begins to exhibit decreased performance. The two incidents can be correlated to identify a collision between the forklift and the asset that might not have been readily apparent from the video or the data from the machine. Having an Enterprise Video Platform to manage your video data becomes an important partner in managing the interaction between your video and machine data. Crucially allowing you to identify important events that could impact your bottom-line revenue.

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