A Guide to Video Distribution

Choosing the right video distribution strategy

Life may move pretty fast – but not much moves as fast as online video these days. The demand is growing with higher consumption rates year on year, and with that demand for content come demands for faster, better, more, now. However much video content you may have, its value will only ever be fully realised if you can get it to where it needs to be, at the right quality. Instantly. And for that, you need a well-developed video distribution strategy.

Video distribution is evolving rapidly. Content delivery by satellite and fulfilment by tape are rapidly being displaced by IP delivery. As a content owner or provider, you need to be able to keep up. Whether you’re a sports broadcaster, needing to make footage instantly available to news channels and stakeholders, a business looking to propagate marketing collateral or a content producer looking to make media available for Video on Demand platforms, or indeed launch your own VOD service, your video distribution strategy is critical for success.

Not all video is created equal

It’s important to understand the value of the video content you have. In any sector of broadcasting, there will always be some video content that is more (or less) valuable than other content, and that value will change over time. Premier League football footage will usually be more valuable than non-league, for example; archived footage of an actor, politician, sports star or business leader will instantly become more valuable the moment they are in the news for something else. The value of content is therefore fluctuating, so you can’t always predict exactly what will be needed when, or for that matter, where.Your video distribution strategy therefore needs to be agile and responsive, taking into account the whole video management process (or media asset management, if you prefer), incorporating everything from the speed to ingest new or legacy media, the metadata you add at the cataloguing stage to aid discovery, your video monetisation strategy and finally - the delivery of the file itself. Licensing, analysis, storage, the whole digital shebang.

Not all video distribution platforms are created equal either

At Imagen we enable content owners to manage, monetise and distribute their broadcast quality video anywhere to customers around the world. We do that in a number of ways:

  • We allow customers to search and self-serve via a powerful content powerful so that manual fulfilment of media and time spent researching is a thing of the past
  • We optimise the value of existing video content by ensuring broadcast ready media is available for immediate download
  • Imagen offers multiple payment and configurable licensing options to help you generate more revenue from your video
  • End-users can download entire programmes or just clip out short extracts; Imagen’s Partial File restore ensures the high res edit is available immediately without unnecessary reindexing or re-transcoding
  • Our global network of media storage access points ensures instant availability anywhere in the world
  • We detect browser language settings and deliver a localised service for customers across any number of territories worldwide
  • Through automated or manual metadata entry the granularity of metadata available helps customers to navigate large video libraries and quickly discover the content they are searching for
  • We ensure security around your video content so only the right people have access to it; and we provide the detailed analytics to prove it, for total peace of mind
  • We make access to your video slicker and faster for customers through Imagen’s accelerated file download feature
  • We give you complete control over your digital asset library so you know exactly what’s happening when, where and why with full reporting and data analytics dashboards
  • We assess and collaboratively evaluate the relative value of video content over time to ensure the most valuable footage is digitised and readily available

The result of all this is that you get fully optimised video distribution no matter how vast your video archive. Whatever model of video monetisation you opt for, whether you’re dealing with clip sales, series programming or thousands of hours of sports footage, Imagen gets your footage to the right people, in the right places, at the right time, ensuring you optimise the value of your digital assets. It’s secure, it’s measurable, and it’s unbelievably quick. We guarantee both quality and quantity, volume and value, mass exposure and refined sophistication. It’s the art of niche quality combined with mass market capability.

Imagen’s Global Distribution Network brings broadcast quality content closer to high importance clients by automatically replicating large libraries of media to any number of strategic global locations using public cloud infrastructure.

Monetise and distribute content across new territories in multiple ways – provide a subscription based VOD platform for consumers, while catering to your production and broadcast partners’ high-resolution needs – all through one scalable and highly customisable web platform.

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