Video Implications

The implications of the digital transformation of video production, distribution, consumption and archiving go well beyond the emergence of new commercial opportunities and challenges for platform firms or advertisers.  In our increasingly networked world, technological advances in camera technology and accessibility, development of new infrastructure and platforms for distribution and editing, and the creation of new communities around video, are collectively transforming the way we experience products, services, arts and culture.  The lowering of technological, financial and skill barriers are empowering billions of people around the world to become video makers, consumers, critics and re-mixers.   The digital transformation of video is contributing to the emergence of new cultures and new conventions developed around global, regional and local conversations supported by video Video implicationscommunications.  In particular, ubiquitous and accessible video capture, distribution and consumption technologies are empowering people to participate in these global conversations.  By changing the way we communicate, video is changing the way we relate to and do business with each other.  More fundamentally, it is contributing to a power shift: it is no longer the producers and senders who are in charge.  We are all becoming video makers, producers, consumers, critics and re-mixers of the world around us.  We can determine which network to join, who we communicate with, and what to receive and share.  Today, broadband and mobile networks have become increasingly ubiquitous.  With further advances in camera technology and network accessibility, new developments in platforms for distribution and editing, new communities built around video will emerge, which will bring new ways for us to experience the world through video.  The development of VR and AR may further transform the way we interact and share experiences with one another.  Video is making our society more connected than ever before, with profound social, political and economic implications for all.

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