Video in financial services: it's time to capitalise

Compete and comply in todays digital world

The use of video technology in the finance sector is no longer restricted to digital banks. High street banks and financial institutions are turning to video to drive better customer experience, increase operational efficiencies and mitigate risk.

In addition, financial services are under ever increasing pressure to remain compliant. Both MiFID II and the GDPR mandate the need to accurately record and protect customer data interactions, creating a growing burden from both a cost and time perspective.

As the trend to digitisation gathers momentum, how are you going to keep up in the digital era? This new report explores these issues and includes:

  • How video technology is reducing the regulatory burden for financial organisations
  • How app-based banking uses video for improved customer service and security
  • How digital banks use video to streamline and speed up the onboarding process
  • How video can drive increased operational efficiency and mitigate risk
  • What financial institutions can do now to address these video challenges

When it comes to video in banking and financial services, the wheels of change are already in motion – and it’s not just the app-based banks that are capitalising. The most forward-thinking are already taking advantage of video technology to dramatically improve the customer experience and revolutionise compliance processes.

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