Video is the next big thing in Big Data

Big Data has been around the IT industry for a long time, but ask someone what “Big Data” is and you will get different definitions that focus mainly on numbers and letters. Sales numbers, weather, sensor readings, tweets and other social feedback. Recently, video emerged as the next great information source for companies, enabling them to learn about consumers, collaborate with partners and for everyone to gain an understanding of the world around them.

Video Explosion

Thanks to surveillance cameras, mobile phones and even old-fashioned camcorders, we record video at an unprecedented scale. YouTube has exploded with over a 100 hours of new content added every minute. But, it has been a wasteland of information. There’s lots of it embedded in all those frames, but without accurate tags or someone willing to watch all that video, it might as well have not been uploaded in the first place.

Corporate Video is Different

YouTube is definitely not the place for corporate video. In our Future of Video Report survey, we found that the three main concerns business decision makers had over video content were security (66%), managing high volumes of content (42%), and the ability to quickly and effectively search through the media archive (35%). For all of these things plus the ability to gain insight into the “big data” embedded in your video, an enterprise video management platform has to be put in place.

Video data has more utility than just helping web companies like Google or Facebook understand what’s happening in YouTube videos. It’s also a window into our physical world like no other type of data.

To find out more about managing your corporate video effectively, or for information about Imagen's Enterprise Video Platform, please get in touch.

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