Why video management is a global issue

Based on our work with a number of global businesses, video management is unquestionably an issue to consider on a global scale. Even within a single office, duplication, lost files, sharing issues and disparity are just some of the issues that can be experienced if video isn’t managed correctly; take into account different geographical locations, time zones, language barriers and systems not talking to each other and you’ve got yourself a global problem.

Why does that matter? Every time that a video is filmed, produced or repurposed in one isolated location, resource, time and money are inevitably wasted. Months down the line, a different office will invest in the same thing or, if they do communicate, getting your content from one global location to another can be difficult, slow and costly.

The obstacle

The technical term for this obstacle is simple; organisational silos.

Put simply, silos can be truly detrimental. In this case we’re talking about geographical silos, but they can develop between departments, seniority levels and other dimensions within a business. They’re a challenge that any organisation with more than one office will face, let alone global companies with offices all over the world.

The solution

To ensure efficient communication, avoid duplication of work and improve knowledge-sharing on a global scale you need to implement one solution that will work across the globe. It needs to be easily accessible at any time, from any location and content within the platform needs to be easy to find. Having your global offices physically speak to each other can be difficult, so give them means to collaborate through a platform regardless of time zones.

How Imagen can help

Our infographic, 7 key considerations when evaluating video management solutions highlights what you need to allow global collaboration; it goes without saying that our solution has all of these attributes. Put together with our extensive experience in global deployments, and it’s easy to see why Imagen could be the solution for you.

Find out more

To discuss our other global implementations with the team, or to find out more about how Imagen could help you please contact us today or request a demonstration of the Imagen platform.

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