Video Management – the elegant way to serve your content, and your brand

We live in a world where organisations increasingly think of themselves as brands. As a brand, your identity needs to be at the centre of the customer experience. Whether that’s shopping for a new kettle or buying video content the rules are fundamentally the same. The customer needs to have a great time. Because guess what, if they do, they’ll probably come back to buy the matching toaster too.The workflow for video management, client access, and file delivery is currently a mess. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, it does and you survive, but it’s a faff. Either you’ve invested very little, so you have media on tape or external hard-drives, metadata on excel sheets, then you’re using WeTransfer or FTP to deliver. This ultimately means unnecessary hassle for your media team and both they and the customer lose time. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve invested lots in a proprietary MAM technology and hooked in some UDP technology to zap video to the end user. This still doesn’t give the end user an elegant discovery experience within your brand. What about the client’s that you don’t yet have? You’ll never have to worry about them if they don’t have somewhere to view your portfolio. Further, you need to be able to track your audience interactions with your media. That allows you to build up a profile of what they want so that you can send them automated notifications when similar content is available. None of this can happen without B2B exposure of your content.I’m not one to present a problem without an equal and opposite solution. One single platform with no dependencies on third party technology. One place for internal teams and external clients alike to have a great experience with your video, globally. Ingest, catalogue, transcode, controlled customer access, accelerated delivery, and user intelligence, all taken care of within your branded environment. Your staff and customers alike will all have a seamless experience with your video. If you’re a sports or media organisation it’s now easier and more cost-effective to manage, showcase, and deliver your video to your business partners and broadcast clients. Don’t make it more difficult and more expensive than it has to be. Video management doesn’t have to be a chore for you, or your customers.

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