Are your videos delivering the desired results?

Are you getting the most out of your video content?

The great thing about online video is that people vastly prefer watching over reading –  whether it’s buying a product, training or communicating. But with any content, it is important to establish a clear, direct path from your video to taking the next step.

Many of the individuals that I spoke to during the show explained that they hadn’t really thought about organising their video assets. Instead opting for free solutions, such as YouTube. While there’s a lot to be said for doing that, YouTube is awfully crowded, littered with ads and highly unsecure. If you’ve gone through all the trouble of producing your valuable video, you need a premium solution to reflect this. The benefit of possessing your own content platform is that you can provide a truly customised experience for your stakeholders as they engage with your brand, as opposed to YouTube. It will also become easier to signpost your calls to action, as users won’t be distracted by ads or third-party content.

If a range of users need access to your video content, including remote workers or third parties, you might want to think about using a media asset management solution. If someone asks you where to find a video of your latest product demo, they won’t need to go to YouTube to find it themselves. Give them a link to your website and send them straight to your videos. Simple. You can even set things up so they can upload or download material, share them or add comments.

How protected is your content?

Another frequent point of discussion at the show was video security. For any company that has vast libraries of video content, it can be difficult to keep track of it – making it much harder to protect. The more valuable that your content is, the greater the risk of cyber threats.

The absence of security features in YouTube can hinder its effectiveness. Its use of progressive downloads and simple access controls mean that your precious content is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. If you just want to generate traffic and gain exposure from your videos, then YouTube can be great for this. But if you’re finding yourself struggling to control access to your content, a Media Asset Management solution might be for you.

These solutions are being increasingly relied upon by a variety of sectors. And, as complex as they can be, their goals are simple – to provide safe storage and retrieval of media content, when it’s needed and in the required format. This saves you time, provides you with peace of mind and enables you to make the most of your media assets.

Do you need help extracting more value from your video content?

With a premium experience for your staff and customers, plus streamlined communication with news and PR teams, Imagen can help you extract the greatest value from your media assets and increase the coverage of your brand – turning your corporate media assets into brand impact. Imagen is trusted by leading brands, including BP, the Ministry of Defence and Cimpress to manage and distribute their valuable media.

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